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  • The Spirit of the Holidays

    Dear friends of the San Diego Troubadour! Happy holidays to all of you music makers and music lovers in San Diego! Here we are at the end of another year and we’ve had a great one, creatively speaking. We are grateful to all of you who have supported us over the years as well as […]

  • Someone’s in the Kitchen with Judy: 35 Years of the Big Kitchen

    The story of Judy Forman, politics, activism, liberation, bacon and eggs, and how she put together a musical Thirty-five years is a long time. It is longer than Google has been around, and the same can be said of anything else with a .com or .org at the end of it. Rubic’s Cubes are not […]

  • Buddy, Can You Spare a Dipyridamole Stress Test? The struggle to find adequate health insurance in the Arts

    “It’s ‘Monkey Wards’,” I tell him. No respectable six-year-old calls it “Montgomery Wards!” “I have a theory that’s what caused it,“Alan says. “When I fell off the toy swing set at Montgomery Wards… when I was six.” Alan and I grew up together. I remember when he fell off that Monkey Wards swing set. But, […]

  • Art Around Adams and So Much More!

    Is that a 12-foot-tall mechanical giraffe? Is that a 10-foot by 8-foot mural being created on the corner of Bancroft Street? Is that a cosplay outfit? It’s not even time for Comic Com! What has happened to Adams Avenue? “Continue to expect the unexpected,” says Adam Rosen, who is the executive producer for Art Around […]

  • The La Jolla Playhouse: Safe Harbor for the Unsafe

    Let the Chargers leave for Carson. Let the symphony fold. Let the San Diego Gulls skate in and out of town every 15 years. After everything else, San Diego (El Cajon specificially) will always own Lester Bangs. That’s why it was so exciting to see glimpses of Lester’s life portrayed in the La Jolla Playhouse […]

  • Lawrence Welk: Revisiting the Counter-Counter Culture

    No one seems to remember Lawrence Welk and his somewhat schmaltzy 30-year run on television correctly. He’s known as a musical punch line, a cheap impression for Robin Williams, Saturday Night Live, and Fred Armisen, or probably not remembered at all by people with good taste and/or anybody under the age of 40. That’s wrong. […]

  • Gimme a Head with Hair! The Beatles, Ed Sullivan, and 50 Years of Music and Hair

    There’s no question that the Fab Four won the hearts of America’s teenage girls and became the band that everybody loves to love. They also reinvigorated rock ‘n’ roll music and, along the way, revolutionized what came out of our radios and stereos. But whether they meant to or not they also revolutionized hair. Before […]

  • James Hood Guitar: repairs, restorations, and excellence under one Roof

    Musicians love their instruments. They spend hours fawning over them, talking about them (and sometimes to them), dreaming about new ones, and eagerly anticipating that moment in the day when they can drop life’s chores and simply pick up and play their instrument. For many musicians the greatest pleasure in life comes from owning, handling, […]

  • From Reiki to Rock: Mueller College Launches Recording Arts Program

    “Passion,” says Dr. Jeff Welsh. “That’s what we’re looking for in our incoming students. Passion.” We are standing toward the back of one of Mueller College’s new Recording Arts classrooms. Rows of work stations go from the back to the front of the room, about 15 in all. Each desk has a new computer monitor […]