CD Reviews

Cindy Lee Berryhill

Garage Orchestra

Since her debut album in 1987, Cindy Lee Berryhill has carved a niche for herself, writing and performing songs that are variously quirky and endearing, moving from genre to genre. Starting out with a playing post-punk folk music after woodshedding in New York City, she released Garage Orchestra in 1994, which is being reissued, with […]

Dawn & Hawkes

The Other Side

Catching the ear at the latest Texacali Music Fest on Mission Bay in August were Dawn & Hawkes, a pair of Austin folk singer/songwriters. The duo got together in 2011 and toured, then got an early career boost from the TV talent show The Voice in 2013, which gave them a hit single (a Beatles […]


Tourmaline Dream

Surf music thundered from the transistor radios of the world in the early 1960s, and folk rock, New Wave, metal, punk, grunge have come and (mostly) gone since then without seeing the disappearance of its drum-heavy, twanging attack. Dick Dale recently passed in April, and his early albums were a template for much of the […]

Wayne Riker

R&B Thunder

Wayne Riker has established himself with multiple releases since 2008, as well with his many instructional videos and books, his experience as a guitar teacher for decades, and his columns in Guitar Player magazine. His many projects have included various iterations that have paired him with many of the top local blues and jazz players, […]

Tom Brosseau & Sean Watkins

In the Shadow of the Hill

The Carter Family made their first recording 93 years ago and, to quote, they were “the most influential group in country music history.” Tom Brousseau pays his respects to these giants on his new album with Sean Watkins, In the Shadow of the Hill: Songs from the Carter Family Catalogue, Vol I. The folk […]

Gaby Aparicio

La Bella Vita

Gaby Aparicio’s has a new release, titled La Bella Vita. The singer/songwriter got back into music after her career was interrupted while in New York in 2005 by the loss of recorded music files to the massive Hurricane Sandy. Changing coasts, she recorded a one-off live EP, in 2014, Live at Pacific Beat. The new […]

David Brauner

Living on a Volcano

David Brauner’s fifth release since 2013 is titled Living on a Volcano, and it is a big, 18-track batch of tunes that presents his unique blend of folk, rock, and pop with both Faith-based and secular themes. He writes music with lyrics that may convey messages about getting right with the Lord in a folk-rock […]

Paul Combs

Unknown Dameron

With the encomia to mark the 200th birthday of Herman Melville last month came the reminder that Moby Dick—Melville’s book of love, loss, self-triumph, a crazed peg-legged captain, and perhaps America’s greatest novel—was almost relegated to permanent obscurity. But decades after Melville’s death, Moby Dick was rediscovered. In addition, Venus de Milo was found after […]

Tennessee Kamanski

Cool Is the Will

Tennessee Kamanski is an LA pop singer/songwriter, originally from San Diego. If roots fans recognize her surname, there’s no surprise: her dad, Paul, has been a local roots fixture with the Coronado-based Comanche Moon as well as Country Dick and the Snuggle Bunnies and other local cowpunk bands. He has also written many Beat Farmer […]