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Agency is the new album project by Kilikili, a decidedly different group of songs best classified as alt-jazz from the creative mind of singer/guitar/pianist Lexi Pulido. The eight tracks, available online via download codes, are an intriguing mix of spoken word, smooth jazz grooves with scat-sung hooks, and interesting lyrics that border at times on […]

Wayne Peet Trio

What The?

Organ-specialist Wayne Peet has become a giant in the Los Angeles free-improvising community since the 1980s, when he moved there from Oregon to play with trombonist John Rapson. He’s played with almost everyone from that scene on the West Coast, and, additionally, he’s an in-demand recording engineer for labels like Blue Note, Enja, 9 Winds, […]

Eric Anderse

Blue River

Eric Andersen’s seminal 1972 breakthrough, Blue River, is an exquisitely produced album highlighting the songwriter at his best—at a time when the music industry was looking for a new Dylan. This re-mastered version of Blue River is breathtaking throughout, providing all of the sonic clarity and depth to cause this to feel like a first […]

The Sleepwalkers

Roots Rockin’

Since before the turn of the century, the Sleepwalkers have been a part of the San Diego roots scene, frequently appearing among the nominees for best roots band at the San Diego Music Awards. With various personnel lineups, the band has shown a remarkable ability to span styles—rockabilly, country, Tex-Mex, blues-rock, and most flavors between. […]

The Desert Line

The Desert Line, San Diego natives who recently resettled in their hometown, have been playing Americana music in San Francisco. Their latest CD is a self-titled, NorCal production, and the band for this project is built on the songwriting duo of Jason Phillips and Patricia Pauchnick. Samuel Kaplan-Good on drums and Jeff Krider’s bass guitar […]

Daneen Wilburn

After All This Time

If you’ve never heard of San Diego vocalist Daneen Wilburn, do not despair: this amazing singer essentially dropped off the pop music radar un the 1990s in order to raise a family, although she continued to sing in her local church. To get an idea of what the music world has been missing “after all […]

Cindy Lee Berryhill

Garage Orchestra

Since her debut album in 1987, Cindy Lee Berryhill has carved a niche for herself, writing and performing songs that are variously quirky and endearing, moving from genre to genre. Starting out with a playing post-punk folk music after woodshedding in New York City, she released Garage Orchestra in 1994, which is being reissued, with […]

Dawn & Hawkes

The Other Side

Catching the ear at the latest Texacali Music Fest on Mission Bay in August were Dawn & Hawkes, a pair of Austin folk singer/songwriters. The duo got together in 2011 and toured, then got an early career boost from the TV talent show The Voice in 2013, which gave them a hit single (a Beatles […]


Tourmaline Dream

Surf music thundered from the transistor radios of the world in the early 1960s, and folk rock, New Wave, metal, punk, grunge have come and (mostly) gone since then without seeing the disappearance of its drum-heavy, twanging attack. Dick Dale recently passed in April, and his early albums were a template for much of the […]

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