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San Diego Troubadour Compilation CD
Celebrating 10 Years of San Diego Music

Volume I: $15.00

  1. Barbara Nesbitt - Come to Find Out
  2. David Beldock - Clone
  3. Carlos Olmeda - Dear Anna
  4. Chris Stuart - Crooked Man
  5. Steve White - Chickenbone Express
  6. Sara Petite - Souvenirs
  7. Berkley Hart - Sink or Swim
  8. Billy Watson - Black Panther Blues
  9. Chris Clarke - East Virginia Blues
  10. Trails & Rails - Blue Prairie
  11. Robin Henkel - Mahtochinquala
  12. Gregory Page - The Ghost with Sad Eyes
  13. Shawn Rolf - Sky Ain't Soft
  14. Tim Flannery - Travelin' Shoes
  15. Tom Brosseau - Wandering
  16. Joel Rafael - Reluctant Angel
  17. Nathan James - Walk with Your Maker
  18. Peggy Watson - Nothing's Gonna Happen
  19. Peter Bolland - Into the Mystery
  20. Jeffery Joe Morin - Big Red Lips
  21. Lisa Sanders - Tell Me Daddy
  22. The Flimz - Final Note

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