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June 2024
Vol. 23, No. 9

Radio Daze

Viva Troubadour!

by Jim McInnesNovember 2011

There was an article about the Troubadour in the Union-Tribune last month. I loved it. It’s about time this rag got its props!

The Troubadour has matured in the decade since its inception. Today, if I were to see a copy at my dentist’s office, I’d reach for the Troubadour before I would any of the other offerings (like Modern Orthodontics or the LARGE PRINT Reader’s Digest.)

The first thing I read when I get a copy of a new issue of the Troubadour is my own column, “Radio Daze,” to see what the hell I wrote. Unlike some writers with their new-fangled word processing doodads, I write my columns by hand, on my other hand! I wash my hands only after mailing editor Liz Abbott a Polaroid of the hand I wrote the article on. Imagine what I have to go through if I want to change a word. That probably seems quaint and time-consuming, but it’s the way I learned to write.

Now, back to the U-T article…

I was especially surprised by Liz’s comment, “We pay our writers…” Really? I guess the beers I have at the annual holiday party comprise my pay (and the ten copies of each issue I take from in front of the Ken Cinema!)

Seriously, though, I don’t write this column for money, I write it because, in a momentary lapse of reason eight years ago, I claimed to be a writer!


Congratulations to my brother, Rick, on his 11/11/11 marriage to the lovely Laurie. (Personal: Rick, I would have flown to Chicago for the wedding, but my Troubadour paycheck wouldn’t even pay for the call to an airline reservation agent.)

In December’s column, I will give you my annual look back at the year almost finished, using my predictions from last January’s Troubadour as my guide.

Tell your friends.

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