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June 2024
Vol. 23, No. 9

Radio Daze

Are We Still Here?

by Jim McInnesJune 2011

I’m writing this on the evening of May 20th. I’m wondering whether I should bother going any further than this. Tomorrow, May 21st, is the Rapture, and the beginning of the End of the World!

I’m going to proceed, though, on the assumption that Harold Camping miscalculated once again.

(But, in the very far reaches of my mind, a tiny voice is asking what if’?)

Call Me Gramps

My wife Sandi and I are grandparents ‘ again. Daughter Danyell popped out cute little Haylee a few days ago. She’s grandchild number five! How can it be? I’m too young!

What a Week!

The day before Haylee’s birth, my doctor called to tell me that my recent blood test indicated that I was perilously close to developing type 2 diabetes. I had been thinking for months about shedding 30 pounds and getting more exercise, but now I have no choice, which is good, because, since my second back operation, I’ve been a couch potato. That’s why my doctor’s diagnosis is a blessing in disguise!

The Wheel of Life

Earlier this month, one of the companies for whom I work, Metro Traffic, was sold to radio colossus Clear Channel Communications.

Clear Channel owns a bunch of radio stations here in San Diego, all of which are in direct competition with the KFMB stations, from whom I also receive compensation. Through Metro, I provide news and traffic reports for KFMB. (Some of you may remember that I used to work at KGB’until Clear Channel fired me, back in 2002!) So, if my calculations are correct, I am now in competition with MYSELF!
I hope I win.

I’m Still Here!

Okay, it’s now 8:06 on Saturday night, May 21st. The Rapture was supposed to have happened two hours ago. I don’t see that anything has changed. Of course, I AM a sinner, so I would still be here, anyway, right?

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