Sonic Universse

  • School Girl Crush

    I gripped the saucer-shaped item that had been purchased with allowance funds I had saved up from weekly household chores assigned by my mother. She taught me that money earned through an honest day’s work was fundamental to one’s financial stability and independence, which had an impact on my attitude toward the green stuff, later […]

  • Record Store Day 2019

    To those who don’t collect records, this probably looks like the beginning of a police report. But for us vinyl junkies, this is just another typical Record Store Day morning. What is Record Store Day, you ask? It’s a special day that happens once a year in mid-April when the record companies and recording artists […]

  • Passing the Torch

    Note: This is the first installment of a new column, celebrating recorded music of all kinds… kinda like Lou Curtiss’ column but not. It’ll run alternately with “Recordially” and sometimes at the same time. With a revolving door of writers, I am inviting them to share anything relating to vinyl, CDs, 8-tracks, or whatever influenced […]