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June 2024
Vol. 23, No. 9


Oops! Mispressed San Diego Music Rarities

by Bart MendozaFebruary 2024

Not everything always goes according to plan. Here are seven errors that made it to the pressing stage of a San Diego related artists release.

Jim Croce: Dead Men Still Tell Tales (U.S. 1974 / Phonygraf, vinyl album)
The title is bad enough. It’s hard to believe, but the makers of this album used a photo of Carlos Santana instead of Jim Croce for the cover of this album. It’s an unofficial release, but still…

Blink 182: Enema of the State (U.S. 1999 / MCA, CD and vinyl album)
You’ll have to clear some shelf space for this one. Apparently, there are several versions of this albums CD cover. First pressing used a capital “B” in the band name on the nurse’s uniform, with a red cross on her hat. Second pressing replaced the “b” with a lower case, the nurse still has a red cross on her hat. For the third and subsequent issues, reportedly following a request from the Red Cross itself, said symbol was removed from the nurse’s hat. But that’s not all. In 2019, Enema of the State was reissued on vinyl. Unfortunately, the wrong master was used, resulting in the release of a censored version of the album. Lucky fans who ordered the item in advance were later sent the correct uncensored version of the album, free, adding to the long list of collectable versions of Enema of the State.

Ratt: Interview with Iron Maiden (U.K. 1988 / Tell Tales, picture disc album)
The wrong tape was used for this album, resulting in an Iron Maiden interview disc featuring a Ratt interview. Many people collect picture discs just for the image, so it’s possible some Iron Maiden fans don’t know they own an interview with Ratt.

Rachael Gordon: Coming of Spring (Germany 2002 / Sounds of Subterrania, CD)
The first press of Rachael Gordon’s album left off the “a” in her first name. The issue was fixed in subsequent releases.

The Beat Farmers: London 0 Hull 40 (Indonesia 1985 / Golden Lion, cassette)
Housemartins fans must have been surprised to listen to side two of their classic album, which in this edition closes with seven songs by the Beat Farmers! No rhyme or reason for it. The band isn’t on the cover, but the songs are properly credited.

Manual Scan: “We Still Feel the Same” (U.K. 1986 / Fab, flexi disc)
When asked over the phone what the two songs on this flexi were to be, the two songs were listed in order: “Plan of Action,” “And We Still Feel the Same.” A few months later the flexi was released via two modzines, In the Crowd (UK) and Revolvershot (Germany), as “Plan of Action” and “We Still Feel the Same.”

Iron Butterfly: “Terminaton” (U.S. 1968/ Atco, vinyl album)
“Terminaton”sounds like a B movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that’s how the back cover credit reads on the bands In A Gadda Da Vida album, instead of “Termination,” a song written by Erik Brann and Lee Dorman. Consider that this is a song title on the back cover of a now iconic multi-platinum album and it’s on all worldwide pressings since 1968, except for 8-track tapes and cassettes, oddly enough.


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