CD Reviews

Tennessee Kamanski

Cool Is the Will

Tennessee Kamanski is an LA pop singer/songwriter, originally from San Diego. If roots fans recognize her surname, there’s no surprise: her dad, Paul, has been a local roots fixture with the Coronado-based Comanche Moon as well as Country Dick and the Snuggle Bunnies and other local cowpunk bands. He has also written many Beat Farmer […]

The Mad Hat Hucksters

Live at the Firehouse

The Mad Hat Hucksters got their start in 2015 and have been playing and releasing swing dance music—primarily acoustic, horn-driven music from the 1930s club era. Their newest disc is Live at the Firehouse, a collection of tunes recorded at a show in March 2019. The band includes bandleader Morgan Day (vocals, washboard, drums), Lindy […]

Trains Across the Sea

The Semi Fame

Trains Across the Sea made an impression recently with Before It Ends, a collection of roots tunes by Midwest transplant and bandleader Andy Gallagher. That project included alt-country and pop ballads and rockers, some with protest messages and others with smart, often autobiographical lyrics. It turns out that Gallagher was busy before leaving Columbus, Ohio […]

The Armoires


Politicians and professional athletes enjoy using the term “lucky town” toward a city that has proven fortuitous in the past. Musicians are keen on their memorable locations as well. Take Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko of the Armoires, a Burbank-based group that continues to find connectivity with our city, 130 miles to the south. The […]

Cici Artemesia

The Lucky One

A part of the local roots scene for a long time, Cici Artemisia plans a move to Oregon (and is still one of the featured performers the day this is written at the Lady Brain Fest 2019 in Encinitas). Playing locally since singing for the band Bordertown in the 1980s, she snagged awards and set […]

Chloe Lou & the Liddells


Storybook is the debut EP by Chloe Lou and the Liddells, who have been playing all over town in recent months. Liddell is established in the local roots scene, singing in bands that include the Good Mojo Band and occasionally taking the mic at Farmers gigs. The band was put together in 2018 by her […]

Barrie Dempsey

Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand is the new EP by Barrie Dempsey, a well-traveled singer-songwriter who started out in New Jersey and transplanted to the Left Coast in the seventies. He played locally while with the band Amber, getting recognition for his songwriting and gigging all over the country. His music is soft folk rock, playing […]

Smitty and Julija


Smitty and Julija are from Ojai, and have combined with the talents of central coast artists on a number of projects that have included discs released by keyboardist Smitty West, and a previous Leonard Cohen tribute EP that garnered attention. The Cohen connection ties into the latest release, Openings, which is a laid-back, eclectic collection […]

Robin Henkel Band with Horns!

Award-winning local blues and jazz guitar whiz Robin Henkel has a dozen previous album releases, but none featuring his Robin Henkel Band with Horns until now. The self-titled project is an unusual recording that gathers 11 tracks composed and arranged by Henkel, played by a crew that includes Henkel’s guitar, Steve Ebner on trumpet and […]

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