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  • Local Musician Translates his Joy of Cooking into a Cookbook

    “This tastes really big!” “Yeah, it’s really good!” These were the exclamations shared by my wife and me upon our first taste of the black bean soup made from a recipe in the The Bass Clef Chef Family Cookbook, a creation of Classic Bows proprietor and bassist Greg Gohde. Besides his love of music, Gohde […]

  • Get Elevated!

    It is the night of the blood moon and the San Diego Grand Slam — the event that will determine the 2014 San Diego Poetry Slam team (known as Elevated!), which will compete at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland in August. This team, the seventh one that San Diego has sent to Nationals, has […]

  • Philanthropy Is Alive and Well in the Craft Beer Industry

    Today’s breweries are quick to support worthy causes through the donation of their ale at the multitude of beer-centric events we see on any given weekend during the summer festival season. Some brewers have even gone so far as to produce a specific brew to benefit a person or cause, such as Stone’s Matts Burning […]

  • Morse Academy Is Reinvigorating Community Music

    In today’s world, even a brief tweet (aka micro-blog) can be a burden on some attention spans. I feel compelled to communicate to the broadest audience with this message: on May, 3 the public is welcome to participate in the Morse Academy’s Open House starting at 11am. Everyone is welcome and it’s free! However, this […]

  • Tasha’s Music City: Riding the Record Craze for Over 50 Years

    Ask my 12-year-old son: albums are big these days. The vinyl community, or VC to the cognoscenti, is doing brisk business. New 180-gram records are being released by virtually every band, old and new. In fact, Saturday April 19 is International Record Store Day. Look for new releases and re-releases by a host of artists […]

  • Pete Miesner Shows Off his Book Smarts at the new Downtown Library

    In his short story “The Library of Babel,” Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges creates a universe in which his narrator lives in a library. But, this isn’t just a library. This library is the universe in which all information, from the most trivial nonsense to the most profound phenomena is stored. My mom was the […]

  • Space 4 Art: Please Make Us Say “Wow”

    Watching the news these days, one could certainly conclude that things are getting a bit apocalyptic. Shootings, floods, war, the lingering Great Recession, the latest Miley Cyrus meltdown. There’s an around-the-clock reminder that civilization as we know it is coming to an end. Within this dialogue of doom-and-gloom, another proclamation has been stated: that art […]

  • Nothing New Under The Sun: The Eternal Life of Jeff Buckley

    For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo. Ah, there is nothing quite so romantic (nor as great a career move) as that of the premature, untimely death of an artist. With countless examples of this phenomenon in our youth-obsessed culture (James Dean, Buddy Holly, et al) the […]

  • Kensington Video: Where There’s Film, There’s Family

    San Diego’s contributions to the film industry date back almost 120 years, to a time when the future Hollywood was just a collection of cantinas and horse ranches. In the 1890s, Thomas Edison chose San Diego as one of his first locations to test out his new invention: the movie camera. The result was some […]

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