Entries for October 2012

  • San Diego Songwriters Guild to Hold Annual Songwriting Contest

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    Source: www.sdsongwriters.org SDSG’s 21st Annual Song Contest will be held Monday, November 5, 2012 at the Country Inn & Suites in Sorrento Valley. The contest is a popular tradition for San Diego writers, and offers a unique opportunity to hear a tremendous cross section of local work. Prize winners are to be selected by a panel […]

  • Music Discovery – Shelby Tieg and Tara

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    Last weekend, FAR-West Folk Alliance held its annual Conference and Music Festival at the Hyatt Regency Irvine. As previously reported in last week’s blog, San Diego was well-represented, with 2 local acts performing as Official Showcase selections. Both acts, Triptych and Folding Mr. Lincoln, did our city proud and performed to rave reviews! FAR West […]

  • Talented Acts to Represent San Diego at Upcoming Far West Folk Festival

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    Thursday marks the first day of 2012’s FAR West Festival. Now in its 9th year, the typically Oregon-based festival will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, CA this time around. While San Diego folksters are no stranger to attending the festival regardless of the location, we are proud to say that 2 of […]

  • Studio Spotlight: D Fab Studios

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    So far, our newborn baby blog has served to expose our local musicians to the San Diego community. But we also want to use this platform to provide resources to musicians since they make up a large portion of our readers. Our latest blog feature is called Studio Spotlight.  We will be highlighting different studios […]

  • 3 Albums I Can’t Live Without – Featuring Bushwalla and Rob Deez

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    Here’s our latest edition of “3 Albums I Can’t Live Without” from some of our favorite local artists. These 2 entertaining performers have shared many a stage and are responsible for at least 20% of San Diego’s belly laughs. We highly recommend following their hilarious social media accounts for a good daily dose of humor, […]

  • “May the mother of God have mercy on you…” A Conversation with Tony Sheridan

    It was the first day of summer on June 22, 1961 when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best found themselves at Fredrich-Ebert-Halle in Harburg, Germany, to cut their very first professional recording. Liverpool’s most famous quartet was in the middle of their second (of five) German expeditions where they were woodshedding six […]

  • Valley Music’s Long History

    Andrew “Cactus” Soldi, Eugene “Smokey” Rogers, and Larry “Pedro” DePaul all got together as members of the Texas Jim Lewis Band (the Lone Star Cowboys) who made their first recordings back in 1937 with Cactus on the fiddle, Smokey on guitar and banjo (and occasional vocal), and Pedro on the accordion. They moved on from […]

  • Ron Dhanifu: A Lifetime of Radio Activity

    It’s always been about the radio for me. –Ron Dhanifu “I feel like I was born to do this,” says Ron Dhanifu. Dhanifu mans the afternoon slot, from 1-4pm, on KSDS, the local jazz station. When he says he was born to be a disk jockey, he speaks from experience. He’s spent 40 years in […]

  • Gypsy Groove: Cutting Edge Sounds in the Gypsy Jazz Tradition

    “I am a sawist, absolutely,” says Bianca Lara. Images of lumberjacks felling trees and carpenters slicing two-by-fours aside, Lara, a petite brunette, explains that just as there are pianists who play the piano and cellists who play the cello, sawists play the saw. Yes, sawists play the saw. They make music with them. Proving that […]