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December 2023
Vol. 23, No. 3


3 Albums I Can’t Live Without – Featuring Bushwalla and Rob Deez

October 2012

Here’s our latest edition of “3 Albums I Can’t Live Without” from some of our favorite local artists. These 2 entertaining performers have shared many a stage and are responsible for at least 20% of San Diego’s belly laughs. We highly recommend following their hilarious social media accounts for a good daily dose of humor, music and overall positivity. Here are some of the albums that have inspired Bushwalla and Rob Deez.

3 Albums Bushwalla Can’t Live Without
1.) Michael Franks – The Art of Tea
“Because its the funniest baby makin swingy collection of lively love jams that can melt your diaphragm into an ant farm.”

2.)  D’angelo – Voodoo
“I was conceived to this album. Try and not touch yourself or someone else when this is on. Try it!”

3.)  Air – Moon Safari
“You can throw this album on in any situation and it’s a fit. I love it on a drive or in a pinch for something adaptable.”

3 Albums Rob Deez Can’t Live Without

1.) Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Return to the 36 Chambers
“Classic album from the Wutang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard. RIP. Classic tracks include Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Damage, Baby Come On, Hippa to da Hoppa, Snakes, Cuttin’ Headz.”

2.) Okay at Best – Live at Lestat’s
“Not just my favorite local band, but one of my favorite bands period. Love all of their stuff my some favorites include No Direction, Here He Sits, and I Was Kind Right.”

3.) Louis Prima – Capital Collector Series
“Louis Prima is a favorite. As are the 40s, 50s, and 60s. But Louis got an awesome sound and style.”

*Rob’s runner-up choices include Sinatra, Rolling Stones, and CCR.

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