Zen of Recording
  • Craft

    The restaurant seemed really nice. White tablecloths accented with crimson napkins, each meticulously wrapped around a silverware setup that weighed almost as much as the gold bar this meal was no doubt going to cost us. Candlelight splashed around the room like wrens in a fountain. Lovers reached their hands across and gazed at each […]

  • Seven Things I Learned from the Beatles

    When people come over to the house/studio that my wife and I share, they often look at my Abbey Road poster, framed prints of both John Lennon and George Martin, and various other Fab Four paraphernalia and say, “Wow, someone really likes the Beatles.” While it’s true that I do enjoy their music (and I’ve […]

  • Stranger on a Train

    Analog versus digital. For musicians and studio types, that comparison usually brings to mind all manner of technically related issues, from audio fidelity to portability, data, and media storage. One might as well be talking about fishing as music, when considering the lures, lines, and sinkers employed in its “capture and release.” Think of the […]

  • Big Whoop

    I hear it everywhere. Airports, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, car washes and supermarkets… pretty much anywhere that blares some form of pop music from their sometimes infuriatingly hidden speakers. Maybe I always have and am just particularly “tuned in” to it now, but it does seem to be an unmitigated and maybe even […]

  • Context Is Crucial

    She moved through the restaurant as if floating on air, like a wingless angel held aloft by her very presence, an intoxicating combination of serenity, grace, and radiant, stoic beauty. From the first glimpse of her entrance, he had watched her with an enraptured focus usually reserved for a bases-loaded 3-2 pitch in the bottom […]

  • Chatter

    It is 5:29 p.m. July 22nd, three days past my deadline to turn in this column and I cannot write. Or at least, I haven’t until now… It’s not just the bills or the everyday busy-ness that goes on the service of going about paying them. Nor is it my little boy I am helping […]

  • Navigating Miles

    Through the velvety dark stillness of 4am, a lone mockingbird runs through what seems to be its entire repertoire of songs, calls, and impersonations to a (mostly) still sleeping audience. I awake without my alarm’s assistance and make my way to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee, gently closing doors for the still […]

  • Digging “Deeper”

    Question: How many Emo musicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: Six. The guitarist does it, while the rest of the band yells “More reverb!” A great many of records that I produced in the early 2000s were ambitious sonic explorations from hip, arty, and fearless bands with walks full of […]

  • Two Faces, Countless Expressions

    I cautiously made my way toward the NAMM show exhibitor’s booth with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation usually reserved for a trip to the optometrist. You know: “Will these frames make me look every bit the rock star I know myself to be, or will I disdainfully rip them off of my face with […]