Zen of Recording
  • Navigating Miles

    Through the velvety dark stillness of 4am, a lone mockingbird runs through what seems to be its entire repertoire of songs, calls, and impersonations to a (mostly) still sleeping audience. I awake without my alarm’s assistance and make my way to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee, gently closing doors for the still […]

  • Digging “Deeper”

    Question: How many Emo musicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: Six. The guitarist does it, while the rest of the band yells “More reverb!” A great many of records that I produced in the early 2000s were ambitious sonic explorations from hip, arty, and fearless bands with walks full of […]

  • Two Faces, Countless Expressions

    I cautiously made my way toward the NAMM show exhibitor’s booth with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation usually reserved for a trip to the optometrist. You know: “Will these frames make me look every bit the rock star I know myself to be, or will I disdainfully rip them off of my face with […]

  • americana

    I stepped outside, bare feet and bathrobe to retrieve the newspaper from the driveway this morning as I do most every day. The first spears of daylight were fading in like distant dissonant feedback, bringing with them a swell of vibrant, almost tintinnabulatic activity. The calls, challenges, and, at times, absolutely mesmerizing songs of the […]

  • El NAMMio

    This month will probably be forever remembered by me as the Summer of the Winter of 2016. To think that a year ago I was surrounded by the virgin-white purity of Utah’s decidedly chilly snowdrifts is almost unimaginable. Here I sit barefoot, doors and windows open whilst San Diego’s ions and ozone breathe cleansing breezes […]

  • The War of Will, a Final Chapter

    The dining room table. It’s where I left off in our story and, somewhat fittingly, where this last chapter begins and ends. As a writer of songs (and in recent years technical musings and product reviews), I have always felt most comfortable doing so at the kitchen table. I’m not quite sure where this phenomenon […]

  • The War of Will, Part 5

    Home. I struck out in search of my true home when I was barely 18 and until I was 32, I had called a great many places that. San Diego, El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, Pacific Beach, and Spring Valley… Garden apartments, spare rooms, couches, lofts, garages, and all types of houses big and small… […]

  • The War of Will, Part 4

    Things seemed almost stabile. Like a storm that blows, bullies, and blusters, then suddenly subsides, I was cautiously hopeful. Before the band (22 Kings) showed up to give me a lift to the studio (Singing Serpent) for our third and final day of tracking, I nursed a hot cup of expertly brewed joe and took […]

  • The War of Will, Part 3

    Words are powerful things. I sometimes believe them to be the most traitorous of conspirators. Take last issue, for instance, wherein I wrote the following with regard to my beloved old red Gateway laptop: “I have everything from my entire iTunes library to Photoshop on this thing. From my son Miles’ first steps to Miles […]