Zen of Recording
  • Resolute in One’s Resolve Regarding Resolutions for 2020 and Beyond

    Steering left through the increasingly frigid winds of Arizona to head north toward Utah’s southern border, I am confronted by the undeniable majesty of the afternoon’s dramatic skies stretching out endlessly before me. Purples, oranges, blues and grays cascade and tumble into frothy white bursts of cumulus nimbi, giving the visual impression that the sky […]

  • Go Low

    When asked to sum up what this column is all about to those unfamiliar with it, I usually say something like recording tools and their applications, not just what tools to use, but when, how, and, perhaps most importantly, why. Never in the history of audio recording have more hardware and software solutions been available […]

  • Digging for Gold (Can Give You More Than Dirty Fingernails)

    Squinting into the sunny glare coming off the Pacific Ocean, I felt the realization slowly creep up on me, like the kush and sativa wisps of smoke curling through the streetlights and sidewalk signs of Newport Avenue: It’d been a very long time since I last visited Ocean Beach. Even now, I was only here […]

  • Auto-Tune EFX+: New Tricks For An Old Standby

    It’s almost hard to “Believe,” but the Auto-Tune pitch-correction processor plug-in is over 20 years old now. I remember when I first read of its existence. The very concept of finally having vocals on my recordings that were as in tune with the track as I had always wished they could be was not only […]

  • Really Recommended Recordings

    I am hungry. Ravenous. Apparently, insatiably so. Not for food. Nor vice or any other natural or peculiar appetites. For music. New music or more specifically, new to my ears, whether released today or any time in history. If it’s good or great and I haven’t heard it before, I want to ASAP. Some might […]

  • Plug-Ins From the Bargain Bin

    In the arena of recording software reviews, the emphasis is undoubtedly focused on products that reside at the pricier end of the financial spectrum. It can almost seem like a snooty act from some “expert” poised upon a lofty perch talking down to you, as if they’re saying, “Well, if you’re a serious working professional, […]

  • A Bonus From Presonus: Studio One 4.5 and ATOM Controller (Pt. 2)

    In the rough and tumble world of developing tools, toys, and total domination in the world of digital recording (I mean as rough and tumble as it gets for coders clad in black tour t-shirts), Presonus keeps “bringing it.” For seemingly every other brand, the move from version to version is a significant stride with […]

  • A Bonus From Presonus: Studio One 4.5 and ATOM Controller (Pt. 1)

    While I have been a performing artist and studio producer for most of my musical career, there was a very brief period in the late 1980s when I was also a studio musician. Not as a guitarist or keyboard player. No, I would walk through the studio doors with my axe tucked under my arm […]

  • Shredding the Glass

    Difficulty is an elusive shapeshifter. What seems hard for some may feel like second nature to others. Oftentimes, mastering a task or skill may seem like an insurmountable hurdle at the outset, but as we slowly acquire the knowledge and experience required, we may suddenly find ourselves accomplishing far more than we even dreamed possible […]

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