Zen of Recording
  • Letting Go

    As I lie here floating on my back in the Pacific Ocean and staring up at the endless azure of the late summer sky, I notice it looks farther away than usual. The thin, wispy cirrus clouds out over the distant horizon seem blurred and diffuse, as if they’ve somehow fallen out of focus. Turning […]

  • Lurssen’s Audio Lemonade

    Of all the assorted stages and processes traversed in the recording and delivery of music, mastering is easily the phase that holds the most intrigue and mystery. In discussing its role within the scope of a project, engineers and producers are frequently showered with a deluge of inquiry: How does it work? What makes it […]

  • Avid Commits More Deeply With ProTools 12.7

    For nearly as long as there has been digital audio technology, Avid’s ProTools has been as inexorable a brand as Xerox is to photocopiers or Coke is to cola, with good reason: It has simply remained consistent. Not that it hasn’t changed, improved, or innovated multiple times over past decades. Quite to the contrary, it […]

  • Tim

    It’s late April, several years ago, and I can remember it seeming a little like Christmas. It’s a no moon night and, at times, my breath is all I see. I stalk purposefully through San Diego’s frosty, darkened streets that wind down from my super-secret parking spot toward that ubër oasis of all things musical […]

  • The New Bo Diddley Beat, From the ’90s to Now

    It’s a veritable wellspring of (often mis)information: the Internet. Or, as they referred to it in Christopher Guest’s movie For Your Consideration, the Interweb. The Great Digital Book of Answers is something that didn’t even exist for half my life, so I know the difference and consider myself lucky to have lived without it long […]

  • The One That Got away

    Not that I’m complaining, but there are a few drawbacks to writing a music gear review column. Along with the scads of new stuff to check out, there is also a tendency to form a sort of bond with whatever you’re using, but you also can’t afford to buy, much less cover everything you’d like […]

  • Attached to Strings?

    Reviewing products can be a tricky thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. New things to learn, new tools and techniques to utilize in the constantly evolving craft of recording and arranging. All a part of my favorite thing. That gift/curse I’ve devoted the lion’s share of my life to: music. What’s not to […]

  • The NAMM Slam

    The rain was coming in sideways at this point. It was as if the rain wasn’t just pouring down on us, but rushing to meet us head on; its aqueous needles angrily stabbing at us like some sort of Lilliputian revolt. I expected waves to crash over the bow of the Mustang convertible that fellow […]

  • Craft

    The restaurant seemed really nice. White tablecloths accented with crimson napkins, each meticulously wrapped around a silverware setup that weighed almost as much as the gold bar this meal was no doubt going to cost us. Candlelight splashed around the room like wrens in a fountain. Lovers reached their hands across and gazed at each […]