Zen of Recording
  • The Evolution of Sound: PreSonus’ Studio One 5.1.1 Keeps on Trackin’

    Over the nearly 17 years that I’ve been reviewing music recording-related products in the pages of this magazine, there have been literally hundreds of different manufacturers’ wares profiled. Each piece of merchandise—be it software or hardware—was thoroughly pushed, prodded, probed, and put through its proverbial paces in an effort to provide the most painstakingly accurate […]

  • Meditation on a Coffee Table

    OUCH!! Mo@*#$F -%?&er! The force of my shin making contact (yet again) with the edge of the titular living room furniture presses down on sensory receptors in my skin, which detect that excruciating pain and convert it into an electrical signal called an action potential. It is then carried along the axon of the sensory […]

  • Beat DNA: A Rhythmically Searchable Loop Database

    For literally centuries, the metronome has ruled the world of music with the iron-fisted persistence of time itself; unyielding, constant and when its passing is given the fullest of attention, well…boring. This is not to suggest that strict adherence to tempo is a bad thing, quite to the contrary. Keeping within the confines of a […]

  • Sonarworks Reference 4: Mixing Esperanto!

    Anyone who has tirelessly toiled in the studio on their own music or someone else’s can tell you that one of the worst feelings in the entire universe can befall you upon first listen to your mixes outside of the studio they were created in. You’re excited. You pop in the CD or Mp3 and […]

  • Mixroom: An Innovative Approach to Foundational EQ Moves Upstairs

    Late last year, I examined and evaluated a new product with an inventive take on equalizing the low end of your mixes and masters (https://sandiegotroubadour.com/2019/12/go-low/ ). The digital audio plugin was called Bassroom and was as easy to use as it was unusual, which is definitely not the usual. It’s comparatively low price point also […]

  • Stay Tuned

    Sven-Erik Seaholm is on vacation but will return in August.

  • The Unbreakable Realm of the Digital Domain

    There is a favorite conversation I immensely enjoy having. A riff, really. Sometimes, it takes on the awkwardly difficult to explain the appearance of a good-natured tirade.  It’s about my generation. Weirdly, I feel older writing that sentence than I do listing the plethora of developments, accomplishments, and first-hand observations of the way things used […]

  • Masking Opportunity

    It all started with the birds. Each morning (on a workday) I get up at the actual butt-crack of dawn, when the first slivers of daylight begin to wend their way through the branches and power lines and splash upon the angled rooftops that surround the backyard. The first order of business is to take […]

  • Navigating NAMM

    Hurtling up the 5 North from San Diego, tardily en route to a 9:30 meeting in Anaheim is not for the squeamish. Especially if you’re the only one hurtling. The rest of the southern California commute seemed to be lazing along this particular Thursday morning like jetlagged tourists with no real destinations, while I had […]