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  • March 2020 Calendar

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  • DAVE GLEASON: It’s All About the Music

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    San Diego is well known for its rock and jazz scenes, but of late country music has also begun to receive a bigger share of the spotlight. While there have been plenty of great local musicians who play in the genre, it’s likely no coincidence that the current resurgence began right around the time guitarist […]

  • FLYING SANDOLINI: Throttle the Sun

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    Throttle the Sun: The Odyssey of the Rock Star is an upcoming documentary by Raul Sandelin sure to be a must see for anyone who lived through the era of the rock band and rock star as cultural icons. The era of hair metal, groupies, excess, and trashed hotel rooms isn’t completely over, but YouTube […]

  • ROBERT WARREN: This Year

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    This Year is the new album by Robert Warren, who sings personal folk songs that often have a melancholy tone, as evidenced on his previous releases, including 2017’s The Road From There to Here. His music is stark, but arresting, chronicling tales of heartbreak, personal failure, wandering, and sometimes even hope with a riveting voice […]

  • WHITNEY SHAY: Stand Up!

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    Young Ms. Shay is a phenomenon who is clearly on an upward trajectory. The four-time San Diego Music Award winner (she nabbed Artist of the Year and Best Blues Album in 2019) recently became that most-rare musician: one with an actual recording contract—having inked a deal with respected German independent blues music label Ruf records […]

  • CALAMITY: Trouble—A Calamity Adventure

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    I suspect there’s a contingent of San Diego Troubadour readers drawn to the concept of a radio play (aka audio drama, audio play, radio theater, etc.), especially those who are familiar with Orson Welles’ legendary 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds, which is infamous for convincing an innumerable amount of Americans that Martians […]

  • Stardust

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    Hello Troubadourians! Everyone has a favorite song. Sure, many of you will say that you have several favorite songs. But, if you really had to, I’m sure that there is one, just one, that really holds deep meaning and is truly your all-time favorite. For me, it’s “Stardust” by Hoagy Carmichael. I’m sure that many […]

  • MARTIN STAMPER: Keep on the Sunny Side

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    Fast Heart Mart (Martin Stamper) is a local banjo and guitar player-vocalist who has been part of the local acoustic scene for two decades. He has been busy with nine recorded releases, and his latest is Keep on the Sunny Side. The 13 tracks represent what Mart terms a collection of his most requested songs. […]

  • An Open Letter to the San Diego Music Community

    Dear Friends, We’re making a documentary film about our own Lou Curtiss, called Recordially Yours: The Lou Curtiss Story and we need your help. Readers of the San Diego Troubadour know Lou Curtiss from his monthly “Recordially, Lou Curtiss” column, which has been running since the first issue was published in October 2001 and has […]