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  • MIKERTONES: Later Than Never

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    Later Than Never is the debut by the Mikerotones, an EP-length project built around the talents of Michael Hoisington. He is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who put the group together in 2017, and the other members of the trio are bassist Josquin Des Pres and drummer Danny Barragan. The seven tracks were recorded at Track Star Studios […]

  • Drummer Al Schneider Has More than a Few Stories to Tell!

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    PART ONE It’s undoubtedly a common misperception among music fans that people in “the business” exist in some rarified dimension apart from regular folk. They descend from some gated realm in the clouds to gift us with their musical creations, bestowing upon us a small taste of the delights that reside therein. Nothing could be […]

  • Robyn Hitchcock: Sticking It to the Humble Prawn on Planet England

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    First things first: if there were such a thing as “justice” in our current cultural clime, Robyn Hitchcock would be a household name to you. Of course, the main hurdle within that disparity is the idea that whoever is popular and/or infamous among our celebrity spawn is somehow synonymous with originality or excellence, however which […]

  • Full Circle

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    I know as much about classical records as I do about NASCAR. And if you’re so much of an open-minded reader that you’ve assumed this African-American man, who came of age in Boston is well-versed in the race car tradition of the rural South, I am not (but thanks for believing that I could be). […]

  • Some Great Bluegrass Concerts so Far This Year

    • Special Consensus out of Chicago rocked the house in late January with one of the largest SDBS crowds ever attending its concert at the PB Baptist Church. This is one fine band delivering top notch vocals and instrumentation presenting traditional bluegrass music. Long time band leader, ex-IBMA board chair, ex-Foundation for Bluegrass Music chair, […]

  • Navigating NAMM

    Hurtling up the 5 North from San Diego, tardily en route to a 9:30 meeting in Anaheim is not for the squeamish. Especially if you’re the only one hurtling. The rest of the southern California commute seemed to be lazing along this particular Thursday morning like jetlagged tourists with no real destinations, while I had […]

  • All About AB5: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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    “Registered California Voter?” “Yeah.” The signature gatherer held up a clipboard with a sheet and looked at me earnestly. “This would allow Uber and Lyft drivers to continue as independent contractors,” he said. This was mid-February as I stood outside a Ralph’s supermarket, less than two months into 2020 and the implementation of the gig […]