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  • All in the Family: The Brother Brothers Make It Personal

    The phrase “blood harmony” is generally used to describe the sonic effect of siblings singing together, interlocking their vocal similarities to create a sensation inimitable in its natural beauty. In the case of the Brother Brothers, an aptly named indie folk duo from Brooklyn, New York, the effect is that of identical twins. And it […]

  • Really Recommended Recordings

    I am hungry. Ravenous. Apparently, insatiably so. Not for food. Nor vice or any other natural or peculiar appetites. For music. New music or more specifically, new to my ears, whether released today or any time in history. If it’s good or great and I haven’t heard it before, I want to ASAP. Some might […]

  • GABY APARICIO: La Bella Vita

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    Gaby Aparicio’s has a new release, titled La Bella Vita. The singer/songwriter got back into music after her career was interrupted while in New York in 2005 by the loss of recorded music files to the massive Hurricane Sandy. Changing coasts, she recorded a one-off live EP, in 2014, Live at Pacific Beat. The new […]

  • The Legacy of Tony Bennett

    Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid! ―Robert Browning A nagging question sometimes rolls around my head as […]

  • SUMERGRASS: another great year!

    Perfect weather, great music, jamming at all hours, top talent, good friends. What’s not to love about Summergrass 2019, which marks its 17th year? As I complete this column Summergrass is still going. Look for a full report with photos next month. Bluegrass Music’s Trajectory—a music in motion. Surprisingly to many, bluegrass music is relatively […]

  • San Diego Is (Almost) Famous Again: Cameron Crowe Brings his Movie to the Old Globe Stage

    San Diego is a city of almosts. The neighborhood bars in the surrounding suburbs—El Cajon, National City, Escondido, Oceanside, Clairemont—are filled with fish-that-got-away stories; long-gone-brushes-with-fame stories; fortunes-almost-found and gold-mines-that-never-were stories. Those who achieve fame and fortune have left San Diego, to L.A. or farther beyond, to make it. Those who stay tell the stories of […]

  • DAVID BRAUNER: Living on a Volcano

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    David Brauner’s fifth release since 2013 is titled Living on a Volcano, and it is a big, 18-track batch of tunes that presents his unique blend of folk, rock, and pop with both Faith-based and secular themes. He writes music with lyrics that may convey messages about getting right with the Lord in a folk-rock […]

  • Memories of Merle

    Lou Curtiss interviews Merle Travis, Part 2 There was that fateful day at a certain Tex Ritter recording session when Merle Travis and Cliffie Stone (real name Clifford Snyder) met. Merle was waiting his probation time (three months) while he transferred his membership in the American Federation of Musicians from Local 1 in Cincinnati to […]

  • Why Do You Perform?

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    Hello Troubadourians! Years ago when I began writing this column I had planned it to be a source of information for performing musicians as well as a forum where musicians could ask questions about their gear and get advice on anything from how to select an instrument to how to make a PA system work. […]