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  • PAUL COMBS: Unknown Dameron

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    With the encomia to mark the 200th birthday of Herman Melville last month came the reminder that Moby Dick—Melville’s book of love, loss, self-triumph, a crazed peg-legged captain, and perhaps America’s greatest novel—was almost relegated to permanent obscurity. But decades after Melville’s death, Moby Dick was rediscovered. In addition, Venus de Milo was found after […]

  • TENNESSEE KAMANSKI: Cool Is the Will

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    Tennessee Kamanski is an LA pop singer/songwriter, originally from San Diego. If roots fans recognize her surname, there’s no surprise: her dad, Paul, has been a local roots fixture with the Coronado-based Comanche Moon as well as Country Dick and the Snuggle Bunnies and other local cowpunk bands. He has also written many Beat Farmer […]

  • Putumayo: Bringing Home the Music of the World for 26 Years

    bIf you’ve ever stepped into OB People’s Coop or waited in line under the mermaid for your Caramel-Frappo-Ocasio-Cortez-Americano-Latte, you’ve probably noticed the simple, almost childlike artwork of certain CDs, with its rich colors of amber, ocher, and burgundy. They remind you of your sister’s Guatemalan shawl, reduced down to a crisp 5″ x 5″ square. […]

  • Beehives and Hand Claps: The Enduring Quality of Girl Groups

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    The girl group sound may be found in three factors: the sheer exuberance of the vocals, creative songwriting, and record producers in cahoots with crack groups of musicians from LA (the famed Wrecking Crew of session players), Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. The earliest example of a girl group record? A tough call. It would […]

  • THE MAD HAT HUCKSTERS: Live at the Firehouse

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    The Mad Hat Hucksters got their start in 2015 and have been playing and releasing swing dance music—primarily acoustic, horn-driven music from the 1930s club era. Their newest disc is Live at the Firehouse, a collection of tunes recorded at a show in March 2019. The band includes bandleader Morgan Day (vocals, washboard, drums), Lindy […]

  • September 2019 Calendar

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  • MICHELE LUNDEEN: At the Corner of Heartbreak and Euphoria

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    Michele Lundeen is one tough cookie. And I say that with the utmost admiration and affection. She’s a free-spirit who works intensely at her craft and chooses direction, speed, and velocity on her own terms. If something is not right she’ll tell you, to your face. If it is right, she’ll hug you to within […]

  • Ten Best Life Hacks

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    Feeling lost and adrift? Out of sorts? Cut off from the things that used to bring you joy? Does it feel like a stranger has taken up residence in your own skin? Here are ten life hacks that will quickly get you back on track toward your own best life. 1. Get up earlier Instead […]