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  • J.d. Boucharde: Shine, Farewell Sweet Friend

    It is heartbreaking to be writing a second article for the Troubadour in just a few months about yet another San Diego linchpin, lost in another devastating accident. This time I’m writing through tears about a dear friend of mine. J.d. Boucharde was the first musician I played with in San Diego almost two decades […]

  • Richard Larson: Rhythm, Beats, and Grooves

    If you’ve attended many shows in San Diego over the past decade, it would be impossible not to have encountered drummer Richard “T-Bone” Larson. It’s been said that a band is only as good as its drummer, and Larson is as good as it gets—rock solid with just the right amount of attitude and his […]

  • Folk Arts Rare Records: Is There a DJ in the House?

    Folk Arts Rare Records is more than a San Diego institution. It’s been part of the heartbeat of the San Diego music scene for more than 50 years. When the late Lou Curtiss opened his shop in 1967, it quickly became a hangout for both the local vinyl collectors and the many, straggly folk musicians, […]

  • This Music is for Dancing: A History of the NOLA Brass Bands

    Born and raised in Chicagoland in “Little Slavia,” I was introduced to Balkan music in my early childhood. I immediately loved the drums. The bass drum was especially fascinating to me. My young wiry body caught the bass drum vibe in my little chest.  Clinging front and center to the stage at the Croatian Culture […]

  • Robert Walter Finds Joy in New and Old Collaborations

    Robert Walter has long been known not only for his soul-drenched jazz organ but also for the variety of long-term projects he is part of. Originally making a name for himself on the San Diego scene as a member of the Greyboy Allstars, Walter then started the 20th Congress with New Orleans-based drummer Stanton Moore, […]

  • Music and the Law: The Role of a Music Attorney

    Once an attorney passes the state bar and takes an oath, he or she is authorized to practice law in that jurisdiction (state). A Juris Doctor degree, or J.D., is a general degree—for example, personal injury, business, and immigration lawyers all practice under the same license. But general practitioners or attorneys that practice in a […]

  • Percussionist Gloria Yehilevsky: From Vanguard to Visionary

    I’m in the dark. A masked woman playing a vibraphone with bows as though it were a stringed instrument appears before me. She drags the bows down the metal bars like driving stakes through the heart of a vampire. She pulls an ethereal, shimmering moan from the instrument. Her image doubles as faces, feet, flowers, […]

  • Dave Preston Seizes the Day

    Someday, someone might ask you… how did you stay connected to your music during the pandemic? For many, the pandemic came with a mindset of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty; feeling closed off from opportunities to expand their craft. In the case of Dave Preston, however, it allowed him to become super focused, drawing inspiration during […]

  • Plot Points: Awards, Laurels, and Fanboy

    Currents in San Diego’s Film Industry We are all aware of San Diego’s deep well of musical talent, from the Cascades to Iron Butterfly. Tom Waits to Jason Mraz. Jack Tempchin, Stephen Bishop, Ratt, the Beat Farmers, blink-182. And let’s not forget Queen’s new singer Adam Lambert. San Diego has a rich movie history as […]