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  • Percussionist Gloria Yehilevsky: From Vanguard to Visionary

    I’m in the dark. A masked woman playing a vibraphone with bows as though it were a stringed instrument appears before me. She drags the bows down the metal bars like driving stakes through the heart of a vampire. She pulls an ethereal, shimmering moan from the instrument. Her image doubles as faces, feet, flowers, […]

  • Dave Preston Seizes the Day

    Someday, someone might ask you… how did you stay connected to your music during the pandemic? For many, the pandemic came with a mindset of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty; feeling closed off from opportunities to expand their craft. In the case of Dave Preston, however, it allowed him to become super focused, drawing inspiration during […]

  • Plot Points: Awards, Laurels, and Fanboy

    Currents in San Diego’s Film Industry We are all aware of San Diego’s deep well of musical talent, from the Cascades to Iron Butterfly. Tom Waits to Jason Mraz. Jack Tempchin, Stephen Bishop, Ratt, the Beat Farmers, blink-182. And let’s not forget Queen’s new singer Adam Lambert. San Diego has a rich movie history as […]

  • Becoming Jules Stewart

    I follow drummer Jules Stewart on Instagram (@adventuresofjj). A few months ago, she asked people to tell her one of their favorite albums so she could expand her musical knowledge. She then posted her own little mini reviews of each album (captured as one of the highlights on her IG page). I remember thinking it […]

  • Against All Odds: Saying Good-bye to our Friend Mark

    Many members of the San Diego music scene have surely already heard of the passing of Mark Goffeney. Admittedly, this article is a bit tardy, but we at the Troubadour wanted to respect the mourning of Mark’s family and friends left behind. We also wanted to wait for more details surrounding the cause of Mark’s […]

  • The Jazz Traveller… in her Own Words: Il Sogno Italiano

    To my friends old and new, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sacha Boutros and I am the Jazz Traveller, an award-winning producer, composer, and recording artist of over 20 years traveling the globe to find all points that connect the soul through music. Born and raised in San Diego and attending […]

  • Kick Up Your Heels and Have Fun at A Taste of Gator!

    Ric Lee started producing the “Pre-Gator Party” about 14 years ago. He just thought it’d be fun to gather a lot of the bands who would be willing to perform a 20-30 minute set to give folks a taste of what they have to offer at the upcoming Gator by the Bay Festival in May. […]

  • The Quiet Fire of Julien Cantelm

    Anyone in the close-knit San Diego jazz community is surely aware of the award-winning Danny Green Trio. For almost a decade multi-instrumentalist Julien Cantelm has driven that group with a precise and infectious groove that defies easy categorization. Cantelm seems to employ Brazilian rhythms and even Indian talas as often as you will hear him […]

  • Tim McNalley: The Best Is Yet to Come

    San Diego is home to a lot of world-class musicians, but for some reason (probably having to do with Bert Turetsky’s staking out the UCSD bass department in the late 1960s as a global center for bass instruction) we have a plethora of virtuoso bassists. As a bandleader, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with […]