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    Fresh off their victory win at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards, as Best Blues Band, the stars in the universe seem perfectly aligned for Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact. When one combines the talents of lead singer Rebecca Jade, percussionist Alfred Howard, keyboardists Tim Felten and Josh Rice, bassist Jason Littlefield, guitarist Sean […]

  • John Hammond Jr. Brings his Timeless Music to Town

    He’s a great force of nature. John sounds like a big train coming. He chops them all down. – Tom Waits By the time he was 23, John Hammond Jr., had absorbed the country blues and associated himself with great future rock icons like Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and the Band–then known as the Hawks. […]

  • The War of Will, Part 5

    Home. I struck out in search of my true home when I was barely 18 and until I was 32, I had called a great many places that. San Diego, El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, Pacific Beach, and Spring Valley… Garden apartments, spare rooms, couches, lofts, garages, and all types of houses big and small… […]

  • YALE STROM: Exploring Klezmer’s Traditions and Transformations

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    “The White House?” I ask, almost incredulous. “Yes, Hanukkah at the White House,” says Yale Strom. It’s been a week since Strom was one of around 400 honored guests invited to celebrate Hanukkah with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House, but he is clearly still excited. “It was humbling, kind of surreal, and […]

  • Lou’s Annual List of 101 Songs

    Well, here’s a list of songs I’ve run into this past year. 1.    Lane Campbell: “Layaway Plan” 2.     Rufus Thomas: “The Memphis Train” 3.     Hobart Smith: “Short Life in Trouble” 4.     Dan W. Quinn: “How Could Washington Be a Married Man (and never never tell a lie)” 5.    Asa Martin: “Brickyard Joe” […]

  • PEGGY WATSON: A Good Life

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    In Peggy Watson, the San Diego folk music scene boasts a jewel that continues to shine year after year, and album after album. No surprise, then, that her latest disc (her ninth), A Good Life, is a tour de force. She possesses an otherworldly voice, writes great material (herself, and together with co-writers David Beldock […]

  • Happy New Year!

    2016 is shaping up early to be a great year for bluegrass music in San Diego. How’s this for a kick off for the New Year: Thursday-Sunday January 7-10, 2016: The Great 48 Jam Session in Bakersfield. There will be lots of jamming, hosted suites by SDBS, Summergrass and the North County Bluegrass and Folk […]

  • ANDY MAUSER: Matter

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    Andy Mauser is a singer/songwriter with one foot in the modern folk tradition that was forged in the sixties, when men like Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, and Bob Dylan introduced new approaches to lyrical content and influenced not only their fellow folksingers but also pop and rock songwriters for generations. His other foot is planted […]

  • Storytelling with Blue Largo

    It’s been 12 years since the last Blue Largo album and that’s a reality not lost on guitarist Eric Lieberman and vocalist Alicia Aragon. So when they released their brand new CD in September, the obvious question was what took so long? Long story short–back in 2006 Lieberman was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition […]