Recordially, Lou Curtiss

Lou’s Annual List of 101 Songs

Well, here’s a list of songs I’ve run into this past year.

1.    Lane Campbell: “Layaway Plan”
2.     Rufus Thomas: “The Memphis Train”
3.     Hobart Smith: “Short Life in Trouble”
4.     Dan W. Quinn: “How Could Washington Be a Married Man (and never never tell a lie)”
5.    Asa Martin: “Brickyard Joe”
6.    Roscoe Holcomb: “Graveyard Blues”
7.     Cliff Carlisle: “Pan American Man”
8.    Clyde Davenport: “Five Miles from Town”
9.     Lula Reed: “Your Key Don’t Fit No More”
10.    North Carolina Cooper Boys: “The Rose with a Broken Stem”
11.    Babe Stovall: “The Ship Is at the Landing”
12.    Pap Lemon Nash: “Bourbon Street Parade”
13.    A.E. Ward & his Plowboys: “The Old Dinner Pail”
14.    Bonnie Dodd & Murray Lucas: “Ozark Mountain Rose”
15.    Lord Melody: “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”
16.    Hezikiah Jenkins: “Shout You Cats”
17. Dee Hicks: “Shout Lulu”
18.    Grandpa Jones & the Delmore Brothers: “The Darby Ram”
19.    Doc Watson: “Kinfolks in Carolina”
20.    Clarence Ashley: “Haunted Road Blues”
21.    Emry Arthur: “A Railroad Lover for Me”
22.    Dykes Magic City Trio: “Tennessee Girls”
23.    Dock Boggs: “Old Rub Alcohol Blues”
24.    Olabelle Reed: “I’ve Endured”
25.    The Prairie Ramblers: “Gonna Have a Feast Here Tonight”
26.    The Girls of the Golden West: “Carry Me Back to the Mountains”
27.    Hugh & Karl Farr: “Kilocyle Stomp”
28.    Sons of the Pioneers: “When I Leave This World Behind”
29.    Narmour & Smith: “Carrol County Blues”
30.    Gene Austry: “Hobo Yodel”
31.    Lily Mae Ledford: “Jim Along Josie”
32.    Tampa Red: “Somebody’s Been Doing That Thing”
33.    State Street Ramblers: “Pleasure Mad”
34.    Gene Hill’s Chicago Rhythm Boys: “Traveling Blues”
35.    Punch’s Delegates of Pleasure: “You Got to Wet It”
36.    Jimmy Bertrand’s Washboard Wizards: “I Won’t Give You None”
37.    Jimmy Blythe & his Ragamuffins: “Messin’ Around”
38.    Freddit Keppard’s Jazz Cardinals: “Salty Dog”
39. Cookie’s Gingersnaps: “Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man”
40.    Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon: “Down At Jasper’s Barbeque”
41.    Clarene Williams Washboard Band: “Cushion Foot Stomp”
42.    Alabama Jug Band: “Crazy Horse Blues”
43.    Carl Boling & his Four Aces: “Woman of Today”
44.    Fiddlin’ John Carson & his Virginia Reelers: “Engineer on the McGill”
45.    Floyd County Ramblers: “Granny Will Your Dog Bite”
46.    Steve & his Hot Boys: “The Grape Vine Twist”
47.    Happy Hayseeds: “Tail of Haley’s Comet”
48.    Alex Hood & his Railroad Boys: “L&N Rag”
49.    Dilly & his Dillpickles: “Sand Mountain Drag”
50.    Dixie Crackers: “The Old Cow Bell”
51.    Ginnell Giggers: “Duck Shoe’s Rag”
52.    Wise String Orchestra: “Yellow Dog Blues”
53.    Rutherford & Foster: “Richmond Blues”
54.    Jimmie Johnson’s String Band: “Old Blind Dog”
55.    Hack’s String Band: “Pretty Little Girl”
56.    Hatton Brothers: “I Wish I Had My Time Again”
57.    Doc Roberts: “Old Buzzard”
58.    Lonesome Luke & his Farm Hands: “Wild Hog in the Woods”
59.    H.L. Bandy: “Going Across the Sea”
60.    Walter Family: “That’s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It”
61.    Kentucky String Ticklers: “Stovepipe Blues”
62.    Curly Fox: “Wink the Other Eye”
63.     Billie Maxwell: “The Haunted Hunter”
64.    Homer Davenport & the Young Brothers: “Smoke Behind the Clouds”
65.    Uncle Dave Macon: “From Earth to Heaven”
66.    Maddox Brothers & Rose: “Chocolate Ice Cream Cone”
67.    Joe Mathis & Merle Travis: “Little Rock Getaway”
68.    Frankie Marvin: “Swanee Blue Jay”
69.    Louise Massey & the Westerners: “If Jesse James Rode Again”
70.    The McCormick Brothers: “Red Hen Boogie”
71.    Clayton McMichen: “Fifty Years Ago”
72.    Lydia Mendoza: “Soy Rebelde”
73.    Emmett Miller & his Georgia Crackers: “Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik of Alabam)”
74.    Frankie Miller: “Barefoot Blues”
75.    Patsy Montana: “Cowboy Rhythm”
76.    Clyde Moody: “Tend to Your Business”
77.    Morris Brothers: “Old Covered Bridge”
78.    Jelly Roll Morton: “Tanktown Bump”
79.    Benny Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra: “The New Tulsa Bluesv
80.    Moon Mullican: “Cherokee Boogie”
81.    Jimmy Murphy: “Half a Loaf of Bread”
82.    Bill Nettles & his Dixie Boys: “Master Minded Mama”
83.    Jimmie Noone Apex Club Orchestra: “King Joe”
84.    King Oliver’s Creole Dance Orchestra: “Room Rent Blues”
85.    Doye O’Dell: “She Left Me When My Dreamboat Started Leaking”
86.    Original Dixieland Jazz Band: “Livery Stable Blues”
87.    Jimmie Osborne: “Hills of Roan County”
88.    Bashful Brother Oswald: “End of the World”
89.    Han Penny: “My Inlaws Made an Outlaw Out of Me”
90.    Webb Pierce: “Drifting Texas Sand”
91.    Pine Ridge Boys: “Railroad Boomer”
92.    Piney Creek Weasels: “Jaybirds Got the Whooping Cough”
93.    Dirk Powell: “Little Satchel”
94.    Wayne Raney: “Pardon My Whiskers”
95.    Red River Dave: “Honky Tonkin’ Thelma”
96.    Don Reno & Red Smiley: “Sweethearts in Heaven”
97.    James Roberts & Martha Carson: “Old Blind Barnabuss”
98.    Carson Robison: “Swanee Kitchen Door”
99.    Sauceman Brothers: “No Letter in the Mail”
100. The Shelton Brothers: “Matchbox Blues”
101. The Stanley Brothers: “Feast Here Tonight”
And there you go. Some songs to look for in a Happy New Year to you all.

Lou Curtiss