• Of Mice and Men: Family Wagon and Reviews

    Remember the movie, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School? There’s a gag that runs through that cult classic. It seems the Ramones music is “lethal” to rodents. While the end results were on the more humorous/non fatal to rodents, side, a similar thing happened to rockers, Family Wagon. Their music once stopped lab rats from breeding. […]

  • A Few Words from Joey Harris

    This month out we share a few reviews and a few words from local icon Joey Harris. Few musicians in San Diego could touch on the accomplishments of Mr. Harris. Working with John Stewart, Fingers, The Speedsters, The Beat Farmers, Powerthud, The Tightenups and many more, Harris’s guitar work, vocals and songs are the perfect […]

  • For Your Information

    This month I feature reviews and the latest in a series on international artists and their performances in San Diego – past articles have spotlighted the Beatles, the Who, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, and now: SPRINGSTEEN AND SAN DIEGO Notably, San Diego is mentioned in three Bruce Springsteen songs: 1973 “Rosalita”- from the […]

  • Analog Chew: Sound Bites

    One of the indicators that San Diego has arrived as a music town is, obviously, the sheer number of musicians taking local stages. But perhaps the biggest sign that things are going well is in the surrounding business that have sprung up to cater to musicians’ needs. From instrument repair to labels, music schools to […]

  • FYI November 2013

    This month FYI reviews a few recent releases that have come across our desk The Cherry Bluestorms – Bad Penny Opera (Roundhouse) Thirteen tracks, opening with the killer instrumental “Bad Penny Opera,” sort of a cross between Deodato, Spencer Davis, and the Who’s Tommy, Ken Russell edition. Garage/Psyche fans will love it – I can […]

  • The Wellington Steak and Martini Lounge

    Music and food are a perfect match, however at many venues that combine the two, the sound over powers the dining experience. Not so at the Wellington Steak and Martini Lounge. “Our goal is to be the most unique music venue in San Diego,” said Trish Watlington, who owns the Mission Hills location alongside her […]

  • San Diego Songwriters, Part 5: Garageland

    In this series we’ve covered some of the biggest songwriting successes to emerge from San Diego. Of course songwriting success isn’t just what makes it on the charts, but also what makes a lasting impression/influences future generations. Nowhere is this more evident than in the explosion of mod/powerpop/garage/punk groups that sprang up in the late […]

  • San Diego Songwriters Part 3: Greg Douglass

    While most songwriters I’m covering here have written numerous songs for others, for Greg Douglass it’s not a matter of how many songs he’s written, but instead the impact just one of his compositions has had: “Jungle Love.” It’s likely few performers in San Diego have reached the Top 40 as many times as Douglass. […]

  • San Diego Songwriters, Part 3: Dave Howard

    It’s a rare thing to have a song covered, the ultimate compliment from another performer. Interestingly, though there are more musicians then ever, only a handful of artists currently performing in San Diego would qualify for this series. A few local performers have had one or two songs covered, but only a select handful have […]