• Staring at the Sun XIII

    FYI SEPTEMBER 2021 This month we take a look at the latest edition of San Diego themed compilation album, Staring at the Sun XIII, ask Tamar Berk Five Questions, and talk cartoon characters with her as well as Troy Cook, Lauren Leigh Martin, Dave Preston, Audrey Callahan, and Monica Sorenson Staring at the Sun XIII […]

  • 5 Questions/Reviews

    This month includes five questions for opera singer Victoria Robertson and percussionist Nathan Hubbard, album reviews for Anton Barbeau, Chris Collins, Jamie King and Lannie Flowers, plus a Steve Marriott comp! FIVE QUESTIONS FOR VICTORIA ROBERTSON Soprano opera singer Victoria Robertson came to international attention last year when she gave a series of Sunday afternoon […]

  • San Diego Music Awards and Five Questions for Donna Larsen

    This month we talk to four SDMA nominees about the upcoming event and pose five questions to Donna Larsen SAN DIEGO MUSIC AWARDS / 30TH ANNIVERSARY Voting is now taking place for the 30th Annual San Diego Music Awards! Anyone from anywhere can vote for their favorites once a day, across over a dozen categories. […]

  • Five Questions for Monica Sorenson, 2021 SDMAs, and More

    This month we have a Q&A with Monica Sorenson of Sometimes Julie, offer up some details on the 2021 San Diego Music Awards and review new musical offerings from The Armoires, The Beat Farmers and John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band. FIVE QUESTIONS FOR MONICA SORENSON OF SOMETIMES JULIE Indie rockers Sometimes Julie’s fourth album, Where […]

  • Questions for the Spice Pistols/CD Reviews

    This month out we pose five questions to tongue-in-cheek rockers, the Spice Pistols, and review releases from Los Agentes Secretos, Adolph Chaney, the Dupont Circles, the Speedways, Elvis Presley, Jeremy Morris, and more. FIVE QUESTIONS FOR THE SPICE PISTOLS With any luck, the Spice Pistols will be hitting the road late this summer for their […]

  • A Conversation with Gregory Page

    This month we ask Gregory Page Five Questions and get new Strange Stage Stories from Lauren Leigh Martin, Monica Sorenson of Sometimes Julie and Chris Collins of Mod Fun. FIVE QUESTIONS FOR GREGORY PAGE You’ve released more albums than some folks have songs. Are you as prolific as it seems? I’ve always loved recording as […]

  • A Conversation, Questions, and Reviews

    This month we talk to entertainment attorney and CEO of Pacific Records Brian Witkin, find out about cartoons from Jim Basnight, Allen Camp, Nathan Hubbard, Kevin Ring, Felissia Mae, and Will Tisch and take a listen to new albums from The Litter and S. Mathias & The Honeycombs. A CONVERSATION WITH BRIAN WITKIN: MUSIC AND […]

  • Kicking Off 2021

    Kicking off 2021, we look at liner notes with Michael Buchmiller of Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, encounter Strange Stage Stories with Allen Camp, Chris Collins of Mod Fun, Felissia Mae, Marie Haddad and Billy Tisch + and review albums from Sons of Edison, Claire Walding and Paul McCartney. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra / Liner Notes Top robot […]

  • 2020 San Diego in Memorium

    This month we take a look back at past and present San Diego musicians and compatriots we lost in 2020. January 4 / David McDonald (64) – music promoter January 10 / David Winter (67) – bassist / singer Dave Winter and the Grateful Ted Band. January 20 / Alberto Jurado (48) – singer for […]