• Strange Stage Stories/Five Questions for Doug Booth/CD Reviews

    STRANGE STAGE STORIES Tom Araya / Slayer: Slayer has performed in San Diego many times over the decades, but no local show is more memorable to the band than their appearance at the Adams Avenue Theatre on February 1, 1986. “It had two different levels right in front of the stage,” Araya recalled. “Some kids […]

  • For Your Information!

    Catching Up with Colin Clyne One of the biggest success stories to emerge from San Diego’s singer-songwriter scene over the past decade? Colin Clyne. Though originally from and now, once again based back in his native Scotland, Clyne spent a decade in San Diego, touring and emerging as a major talent, releasing his first two […]

  • For Your Information

    Three Questions for Quino (Big Mountain): Nominated in the category of “Best World Music Album” at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards, for their album, Perfect Summer, reggae favorites Big Mountain continues to build on the promise of their 1991 debut. Still led by charismatic frontman Quino, the band is best known for their hit […]

  • Meet the Beatophonics

    This month we have a conversation with guitarist Soren Koch of Denmark’s Beatophonics plus a few reviews to round out the proceedings. A common complaint these days, is that the music of today isn’t like the music in the “good old days.” There isn’t anything to compare to (fill in your favorite). Of course that […]

  • For Your Information

    This month we catch up on reviews and starts with the latest edition of Strange Stage Stories: STRANGE STAGE STORIES Matt Hensley / Flogging Molly: “We were playing at the O2 center in London (02/14/14), opening for Frank Turner, and in the middle of our set our huge back drop that has (our logo) on […]

  • For Your Information

    This month we speak with singer/guitarist Michael Sackler-Berner of East Coast rockers, the Slim Kings, and review a couple of cool new releases. Introducing the Slim Kings: To West Coast music fans, the Slim Kings name is still a new proposition, but on the East Coast, this rock, blues and more quartet is already a […]

  • What’s Going on Around Town

    The Stanleys Return to San Diego- The Black Cat Bar / November 15 2014 For Australian quartet the Stanley’s, it was a long way to come for a small turnout, but for the two dozen or so lucky fans who caught their set at the Black Cat Bar on November 15, it was powerpop nirvana. […]

  • Paul McCartney in San Diego

    Paul McCartney’s show on September 28 at Petco Park was just short of incredible. For starters it had better sound than his previous Southern California visit on August 10 at Dodger Stadium.  Also, audible from the street, there was a 14-song rehearsal on September 27  as well as a 14-song sound check the day of, […]

  • San Diego Music Awards: A Win for All

    This month we have a look at the annual San Diego Music Awards, from some of the musicians nominated as well as music reviews. The rest of the San Diego Music Thing reviews will follow next month. San Diego Music Awards There are really no losers at the annual San Diego Music Awards. Held this […]