• Strange Stage Stories

    A new year a new FYI. This time out we have a new batch of Strange Stage Tales, My Top 15 Shows for 2018 and and a few reviews. Dakota Ringer (The Naked I): “Once we had an audience member jump on stage with a melodica and hijack a microphone. We just kinda kept jamming […]

  • Strange Stage Stories

    This time out we once again ask the question: “What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?” — with the return of “Strange Stories,” as well as catch up on a few reviews. Tim Pyles: “Strangest thing that ever happened to me onstage? I had to duck to avoid an incoming hot […]

  • David Cassidy in San Diego

    David Cassidy, who passed away on November 21, spent a bit of time in San Diego, but it wasn’t always for music. In addition to his more familiar show biz life, Cassidy was a respected horse owner/breeder who could often be found at the Del Mar Racetrack. With so much film, TV, and stage work, […]

  • San Diego Animated!

    If, as pointed out in a previous post in this series, it’s rare for a local band to have their songs covered, having them used as a showcase for animation or puppetry is even rarer. For this month’s FYI, we’re showcasing ten, including a variety of art forms, from simple line drawings to monster / […]

  • The Greatest Show On Earth? October 12, 1957

    There have been many great multi artist events in San Diego’s music history, but it’s pretty certain that nothing quite tops the evening of October 12, 1957, when the Biggest Show of Stars tour stopped in at 3,000 capacity venue, the Mission Beach Ballroom, located right on the boardwalk in Mission Beach, for a sold-out […]

  • David Bowie!

    This month we look at David Bowie’s visit’s to San Diego, San Diego musician’s thoughts on subject matter for possible future bio-pics and a new batch of reviews. David Bowie in San Diego Music icon David Bowie only performed in San Diego six times during his lengthy career and three* of those shows were as […]

  • Questions, Facts, and CD Reviews

    This month we ask Gregory Page five questions about his new album; Elvis tribute band, Graceband, is asked five questions about rocking the songs of the king; we reveal 14 times Jim Croce’s music has been covered or featured; and include a batch of music reviews for the Cherry Bluestorms, Casey Hensley, Dot Dash, and […]

  • San Diego, Christmas 2016

    The holidays are upon us. Please consider giving our local independent music related businesses from Paras Newsstand to Cow Records, Classic Bows to Taylor Guitars, your business when it comes to this year’s gift giving. But there are also many local writers, musicians, artists etc. that offer great options for seasonal giving, or perhaps a […]

  • Strange Stage Stories

    Anthony Meynell / Squire: Our first huge gig in London 1979, supporting Purple Hearts at the Electric Ballroom, with 1000 people, we got a genuine encore. So we rush back on stage and I plug in, go to the mic to say thank you, and (bassist) Enzo stepped on my guitar lead. The jack snapped […]

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