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  • January 2022 Calendar

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    Ted Hefko has been honing his skills as a musician for at least two decades, with an apprenticeship of several years in New Orleans. On his new CD, Down Below, the singer, guitar slinger, songwriter, and sax player, along with his modestly prosperous band, the Thousandaires, dips into the well-dipped-into wellsprings of American pop, southern […]

  • Looking at What Was and What’s to Come

    Happy New Year to All!  Bluegrass fans are, by nature, optimists. Great music, authentically performed, will do that to you. In that vein we look forward to 2022 even as we hunker down to deal with yet another Covid wave, this time fueled by Omicron. Here’s what I see for the first few months of […]

  • STEVE MILLION: Jazz Words

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    Jazz Words is the seventh CD release from Chicago-based pianist Steve Million, which includes eight original tracks featuring vocalist Sarah Marie Young to accommodate his lyrics along with a solid rhythm section of John Sims on bass, Juan Pastor on drums, and the musically mercurial Jim Gailloreto on sax and flute. It’s an eclectic compositional […]

  • NICOLE HENRY: Time to Love Again

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    Nicole Henry is a rare talent. She deftly combines jazz, pop sensibilities, and soul, all with an informed sense of the traditions of Broadway and the Great American Songbook. The eastern Pennsylvania native has established herself as one of the leaders among the young singers now interpreting standards and classic tunes, performing thousands of concerts […]


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    It’s been 15 years since Grand Canyon Sundown released their self-titled album in 2007. Fast forward to their December 2021 release of Saudade, 13 original tracks of Americana-flavored tunes, all written and sung by Paul Cruz and Jason Postelnek on various tracks. The album is dedicated to David R. Morgan, who passed away recently but […]

  • The Risk

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    British trio the Risk were amongst the first international touring bands to have an extended stay in San Diego, using the area circa 1986 as a home base to spread the word about their music. Today touring is commonplace, with routes, venues, and even tourist attractions along the way completely mapped out. However, not all […]

  • Transposing and Transcending

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    Hello Troubadourians! Last month I wrote about transposition but there are a few more things I want to talk about, specifically some of the idiosyncrasies of the guitar and how transposing can work for us and sometimes against us. On the guitar, the open position keys are C, A, G, E, and D.** They each […]

  • The Rolling Stones Drop “Brown Sugar” from their Set List

    It’s not that the Rolling Stones have suddenly become “woke” and aware of social injustice, but it did make news that the aging Bad Boys of British rock have dropped the tune “Brown Sugar” from the playlist of their current tour. With the recent death of drummer and founding band member Charlie Watts, there appears […]