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  • MARKLYN RETZER: Dandelion Tatoo

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    Dandelion Tattoo is the latest from Marklyn Retzer. The five-song EP follows two full-length efforts, including 2014’s Presence, by the beach rocker, a teacher by day whose music typically celebrates good times, surfing, and love without drifting too far into the lanes mapped out by Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. Produced by Ben Moore, it […]

  • GEORGE LAWTON & RICK HELLER: Songs of Woody Guthrie

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    Most folk music fans recognize Woody Guthrie, but many may not realize that he wrote more than 1,000 songs. He was not only a folk singer but a folk hero, a role model for the organized labor and peace movements. Ain’t Gonna Be Treated This Way/ Songs of Woody Guthrie offers a glimpse into the […]

  • The Soul Legacy of Aaron Neville

    I was born in the southern land That’s where I became a man My roots was down in New Orleans The birth of jazz and voodoo queens From the heart of Louisiana Marie Laveaux and Mojo Hannah Grew up on the music of the streets Second line bands and the Indian beats –Aaron Neville, from […]

  • Get Real

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    Hello Troubadourians! Facebook is such a bizarre medium for expression. People post the inane, profane, boring, beguiling, inflammatory, hilarious, ridiculous, and sometimes very personal parts of their lives. I’m probably guilty of posting all of these things but mostly the boring, I would imagine. What seems profound to one person holds little interest to another […]

  • Natural Rhythm: RHYTHM ROSE Gets Back to the Source

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    From the gravel in their voice to the tattoos drawn upon their skin, Rhythm Rose is a walking portrait of experience. (Wait a minute, did I just say they? Am I still talking about one person? As various expressions of gender are more widely being acknowledged in our culture, there are certainly some kinks to […]

  • June 2018 Calendar

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  • Mixed Up: Harrison Consoles’ Mixbus 32C

    I was confused. Not just by the unfamiliar environment of the interface, I mean that’s part and parcel to the job of reviewing the new and often as-yet-unexplored tools in our ever-evolving world of music recording, editing, mixing and mastering. No, this sensation was something entirely different: an uncomfortable sense of flabbergast analogous to a […]

  • Ron Bocian: Euphoric About Brass

    His tale is one of three cities, and several groups, but with one overriding theme: brass bands. In this age of guitars and keyboards and pedals that mimic orchestras, Ron Bocian is a drummer who knew he was destined to keep time early on learning polka beats in his Croatian neighborhood in Chicago at age […]

  • Summer Is Almost Here!

    As summer approaches we look forward to great bluegrass music during the traditional festival season. Bluegrass music is very popular–with estimates in the 20 million range of regular listeners in the US. Bluegrass music is hard to find on the radio, however, and the festival season is key to sustaining the economic viability of the […]