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  • 5 Things You Might Not Know About Bushwalla

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    It’s that time again, friends – time to dig a little deeper and find out more about our local musicians. Today’s edition of 5 Things features super-talented performer and songwriter Bushwalla. His stories never fail to entertain, so get ready for some laughs… 5 things you may not know about Bushwalla 1. I used to […]

  • Studio Spotlight: Studio Studios

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    It’s time for another Studio Spotlight. This week, we feature Studio Studios, owned and operated by Alex Zander. Take a closer look: Name of Studio: Studio Studios Website: studiostudios.net Email: studiostudiosmusic@gmail.com Neighborhood: North Park – Previously Golden Hill Price Range: Rates are negotiable depending on the project and the amount of additional instrumentation required by […]

  • An Interview with Susanna Hoffs

    I was recently presented with the opportunity to interview Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles, who will be headlining at Anthology this Tuesday November 13th. When I sat down to write out some questions for her, my first attempt at hard hitting journalism went something like this: “OMG, Susanna, I am so so so so so […]

  • June Millington: “Play Like a Girl”

      A decade before the Go Gos, the Runaways, and the Bangles were at the top of the musical charts, there was a small cluster of pioneering women rock groups that boldly went where few women dared to go during the mid 1960s and early 1970s. In a time when women were stereotyped as folk […]

  • For the Love of the Music: The Desert Rose Band

    Here’s a music trivia question. What was the name of the band Chris Hillman was in that had 12 songs chart in the top 40 nationally? Hint: they were innovative with a folk/country/bluegrass feel. Another hint: they created amazing harmonies, imaginative soaring guitar leads, and laid the groundwork for future popular music, especially Americana. Give […]

  • Marijuana

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    In his new autobiography, Neil Young comes clean. Because of his recent brain surgery, and under the advice of his physicians, he quit smoking marijuana. He put down the pipe in January 2011 and hasn’t smoked since. Not bad for a guy who’s been stoned since the sixties. Inspired by his adult daughter’s journey into […]

  • WHITNEY SHAY: Soul Tonic

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    You gotta hear this!” I said this to my wife when I put Soul Tonic, the new CD by local singer Whitney Shay, into the disk player. Moments later the Hammond organ swelled and the sax section pulled into top gear with a thick Motown-laden backup; as the tambourine rang out and Shay sang the […]

  • ROSIE FLORES: Working Girl’s Guitar

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    Rockabilly veteran Rosie Flores’ latest album, Working Girl’s Guitar, shows her extraordinary versatility: as producer (for the first time in 14 recordings), guitar slinger (she is credited with all the guitar parts — electric and acoustic — except for some pedal steel by Greg Leisz), and songwriter (three original tunes on this release). Moreover, the […]

  • The Degenerate Generation

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    If someone had told me at the turn of the century that by this time, over a decade later, it would still take the same amount of blondes to screw in a light bulb, I would have taken offense at the very statement. They never come that small, anyway. And of what use are predictions? […]