Entries for November 2012

  • The IBMA Awards

    The annual International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass event concluded last month in Nashville, Tennessee. This is bluegrass music’s biggest event of the year, featuring three days of seminars and workshops, official showcases presenting the latest hot new bands, and late night showcases into the wee hours. The week also features a fabulous three-day […]

  • MIKE KENEALLY: Wing Beat Fantastic

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    With the weather turning weird and the weird turning pro I am happy to inform you of an alternative to soaring in a hot air balloon this Indian Summer and it’s called Wing Beat Fantastic, the 17th solo album by San Diego wunderkind Mike Keneally. Or perhaps the sensation is more like Charlie Bucket riding […]

  • PreSonusphere

    As my flight lifts off from the Baton Rouge runway, a silvery trickle of sunlight glints along the plane’s wing (of which I have a perfect view) and suddenly splashes into my eyes with the blinding sting of organic hotel shampoo. Lying back, I think about the events from the last two days and wonder […]

  • November 2012 Calendar

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  • Coral MacFarland Thuet: Versatility North and South of the Border

    “I have a tendency to say ‘yes.’ It’s an important part of my life,” says Coral MacFarland Thuet. The singer, teacher, and actress, dressed in a floor-length black gown, is about to sing tonight at Tango Del Rey, the Pacific Beach venue whose interior features some of the best influences of Spanish rococo and 1980s […]

  • FAR-West: Inside the Green Room…

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    Hello Troubadourians! This month I’m writing about something non-technical for a change. I spent the weekend of October 19-21 at the FAR-West Conference, performing with my band, Folding Mr. Lincoln. It was an opportunity to observe the “habits” of a couple hundred of my fellow performers, both on and off stage, and gave me a […]

  • BLACK MARKET III: Songs That Shake the Cage

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    It should be no surprise that the Black Market III has exploded onto the local blues scene. “Mad Dog” Scottie Blinn has fronted the Mississippi Mudsharks, Tiki Torchers, and other blues bands for over 20 years. With the kind of blues and vocal edge that earned plenty of local and international fans (several blues chart-topping […]

  • Jason Weiss: Saved by the Banjo

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    San Diego is blessed with many talented acoustic and roots musicians. Some are fairly high profile, are bandleaders, or otherwise manage to find the limelight they deserve. Some, however, toil splendidly as sidemen, as multi-instrumentalists, and as part of the core foundation of many of our top musical groups. Jason Weiss has all the talent […]

  • Lou Gets Political

    I’ve tried to keep politics out of these columns but if you knew something about my background, you’d know that isn’t always possible. At any rate, these words are mine alone and not necessarily the views of this publication (although if they had good sense they would be). My grandfather, George Sprey Curtiss was a […]