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October 2023
Vol. 23, No. 1


Five Things You May Not Know About Simeon Flick

March 2013
photo by Gabe Acosta

photo by Gabe Acosta

Simeon Flick is one of San Diego’s treasured teachers, writers, and performers. His distinct point of view resonates subtly yet powerfully regardless of his instrument of choice, via pen or power chord. Here are five things you may not know about him that are sure to leave you curious for more of his story!

1. I have a fraternal twin brother who lives in New Zealand with his wife and two kids. We look virtually nothing alike. Played in several bands with him starting in high school up until when he left for NZed in ’07.

2. When we were 19, we did a family trip to Africa (Kenya/Tanzania) and managed to contract several types of malaria (my brother started having symptoms on the plane into San Francisco, I followed a day or two later). We stayed at Stanford hospital for about 3 days and were known as the malaria twins (they were all nerding out over our blood, which they seemed to want samples of every 5 minutes, OUCH). Despite it feeling like the worst flu I’ve ever had times ten, I only threw up once. The cure was harsh and I don’t think my immune system has ever been the same.

3. One of my first cousins–Alan Ashby–was a catcher for the Houston Astros.

4. A friend of my wife’s dated Interpol’s Carlos D. for a time…we got to see the show for free and hang out backstage at Soma in ’04, then the tour bus, then several after-parties. We were out until almost sunrise showing the guys a good time before they had to get back on the bus. One of their groupies peed herself, “borrowed” some clothes from a resident of the apartment at which we were biding our time between locations, and got thrown out of the Live Wire for breaking a glass and for generally being a bad sport about the 2AM last call. Rock n’ roll.

5. Other brushes with celebrity…got Cathy Lee Crosby’s autograph at a Shriner’s rally when I was about 8 or 9. Went to high school with Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds)(he was in my english class), met Edward Van Halen and Jon Bon Jovi at one of my then band’s gigs in Malibu (also saw Whoopi Goldberg and Emilio Estevez) when I was 21 (photo proof on my Facebook page), opened for pre-fame Sublime and No Doubt in the mid-nineties (got the gig flyers to prove it), pal’d around with Matt Nathanson when he was an unknown student at Clairemont university, etc. et al.

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