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Vol. 23, No. 7


BellyUp to Support Local Music tonight with The Homegrown Hour

September 2013

Local music promoter Cathryn Beeks is at it again, folks, working tirelessly to find a space for local music in San Diego. Tonight’s event is an important one – she is hosting KPRI’s The Homegrown Hour live at BellyUp Tavern in Solana Beach (7pm – $10).

Why is it so important, you may ask? Here’s why: Musicians with as much talent and experience as the local bands in tonight’s lineup (Garbo, Talk Like June, Del Sol Project, and more) deserve to play venues like BellyUp. They are seasoned professionals who can rock a crowd just as well as any other big name act rolling through town. Key word being “crowd.” Venues like BellyUp can only justify booking local bands by counting ticket-buying local music lovers like you and me. If local music lovers like you and me want to see more local music featured in proper venues like BellyUp and Humphrey’s by the Bay, attending shows like tonight’s is the only way that will ever happen. It is the local music equivalent of  calling your congressman/woman.

I am speaking at a SD Songwriters Meetup tonight until 8pm. After that, I plan on scrounging up $10 from my couch and car cupholders and driving my little behind to BellyUp. Yes, I will be late. Yes, I will be tired. Yes, I have to work in the morning. Yes, I am broke. But once I get there and witness my talented friends living it up on stage, none of that will matter, because I’ll know I’m doing my part to keep great local music on great local stages. Maybe I’ll see you there?


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