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July 2024
Vol. 23, No. 10


3 Albums I Can’t Live Without – Simeon Flick, Josh Damigo & Wendy Bailey

August 2012


Continuing our efforts to get you acquainted with our wonderful San Diego music community, we thought we’d ask some of our local musicians about their favorite albums. It’s so interesting to see all the ways artists are influenced by each other. We also love how there is such a wide appreciation for music across genres in this day and age,  thanks to world-changing devices like the iPod and the shuffle feature. But this particular blog post will laugh in the face of shuffle and highlight the (hopefully never lost) art of listening to an entire album in one sitting. We encourage you to check some of these out, or comment below with some of your own favorites!

3 Albums Simeon Flick Can’t Live Without

1. Rush: Exit, Stage Left.

2. The Police:
Zenyatta Mondatta

3. Dirty Projectors:
Bitte Orca.



3 Albums Josh Damigo Can’t Live Without

1. Kanye West and Jay – Watch the Throne (Yeah… this is my jam. Rob Deez, Mal Hall, and Kenny Eng got me into this one and I can’t let it go. It’s one of the best albums I’ve ever played)

2. DC Talk – Welcome to the Freak Show (This album is one of my favorite live albums of all time. It regularly inspires me to put on the best live show I possibly can.)

3. Berkley Hart –
Crow (This album is possibly the longest running album in my car. I think Jeff and Calman are the best songwriters in this town.)



3 Albums Wendy Bailey Can’t Live Without

1. Almost any Black Rebel Motorcycle Club record–except for “The Effects of 333” (sorry, fellas)

2. U2, “Unforgettable Fire”. This record absolutely opened my world to songwriting.

3. A Classical music collection,
primarily Baroque era methinks.


Stay tuned for more album picks from local artists! Want to submit your top 3? Just email us at!

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