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March 2024
Vol. 23, No. 6


3 Albums I Can’t Live Without – featuring Megan Carchman, Heather Nation, and Kenny Eng

September 2012

An ongoing glimpse of what our favorite local artists are listening to:

3 Albums Megan Carchman Can’t Live Without:

1.) Dolly Parton – The Grass is Blue
“Great bluegrass album all around. The songs, the musical performances, everything about it is brilliant.”

2.) Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III
“It’s hard to pick just one Led Zeppelin album for all eternity but I chose this one mainly because of ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ – probably one of my all time favorite Led Zeppelin songs.”

3.) Alanis Morissette – Flavors of Entanglement
“I love all of Alanis’ albums but this one in particular had a big impact on me. The collaboration between her and Guy Sigsworth (Imogean Heap and Frou Frou) is magical. Perfect blend of real instruments and programming.”

3 Albums Heather Nation Can’t Live Without
(okay, we let her have 4)

1.) Jeff Buckley – Grace
“This album became my best friend, my inspiration, my cup of coffee in the morning, mostly my shoulder to cry on. I hear his spirit in my voice everyday.”

2.) Radiohead – Kid A
“The band changed my entire life. Each track has it’s own brilliance; together they make a masterpiece.”

3.) Joni Mitchell – Blue
“I’ve only been listening to Joni for a few years, and already she is a life-time favorite. This album really proves that being a good musician comes from your heart, not your head.”

4.) Wilco – Sky Blue Sky

“Comes with all the good stuff: buttery smooth three part harmonies, storytelling lyrics, and smoking hot guitar solos. Not to mention my favorite guitarist of all time, Nels Cline plays on this album.”

3 Albums Kenny Eng Can’t Live Without (right now)

1.) Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto
“I really didn’t like this album when I first listened to it. I thought (still think) that their first single off the album was kind of hokey, but they won me over with the second single. I’ve always loved Chris Martin’s songwriting and I’ve enjoyed the new frenetic sound they been using. Say what you will about what they represent as a band or an entity or whatever, they have songs that make most bands jealous.”

2.) John Mayer- Born and Raised
“I’ve been a John Mayer super fan since the day I heard “No Such Thing” on a mix CD a friend gave me. I know it’s hard to enjoy the musician John Mayer when the public John Mayer is out there, but this album, whether a PR move or not, is a lovely reminder that the musician John Mayer is out there somewhere, too.”

3.) The Band- The Best of the Band
“Levon Helm passed away a few months ago and around that time, I was getting really into The Last Waltz, especially the live version of “Don’t Do It” (which I didn’t know was a Marvin Gaye cover). The songs really speak for themselves and they’re mostly all there on this compilation album. If you haven’t watched The Last Waltz, you’re missing out on music history. Martin Scorsese directed the thing!”


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