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  • September 2020 Calendar

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    Dear Readers, With everything so uncertain these days and concerts so spotty and irregular, the calendar will be on hiatus until further notice. It would be helpful if you could send in your gig information, so I don’t have to go searching all over the Internet, which takes hours to do. Send your info to […]

  • Jonny Tarr: SDMAs, a Return to Wales, and a New Label

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    One of San Diego’s favorite soul/jazz performers, keyboardist Jonny Tarr is saying goodbye to California, but luckily for fans, it’s only temporary. Winner of the 2020 San Diego Music Award for “Best Pop Artist,” Tarr is relocating to his native Wales (UK) with his family for a short stay. Originally from Cardiff, Tarr moved to […]

  • Mara Kaye: Freedom to Be Fearless

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    The blues flows through San Diego. It has for a long time. Sometimes it has been obvious, flowing on the surface, and other times it has tunneled underground from far, far away just to bubble up underneath our feet. But, improbable as it may sound, a continuous stream of one of the greatest branches of […]

  • Sonarworks Reference 4: Mixing Esperanto!

    Anyone who has tirelessly toiled in the studio on their own music or someone else’s can tell you that one of the worst feelings in the entire universe can befall you upon first listen to your mixes outside of the studio they were created in. You’re excited. You pop in the CD or Mp3 and […]

  • HORSEFEATHERS: Symphony for a Million Mice

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    There were a lot of us back then, the ones who forked over the big bucks for AR speakers, Marantz amplifiers, and turntables that ensured that every sawtooth wave produced by those Moog synthesizers came through as clearly as they had been in the sacrosanct studios of the major recording labels. And after converting bedrooms, […]

  • Charles McPherson: Weathering the Pandemic with New Album and Ballet Project

    As with all of us, veteran alto saxophonist and longtime San Diegan Charles McPherson has seen the ongoing pandemic rearrange his routines in ways neither anticipated nor particularly welcome. “Everybody’s affected by this, of course,” the jazz icon said by phone last week. “The pandemic has really taken a toll on us: the clubs are […]

  • Rosie and the Originals Put National City on the Map

    The majority of rock historians agree that rock ‘n’ roll hit a dry spell between 1960 and 1962. The charts told the story: leather-clad rockers were out, acne-free boys and girls were in. There are several key reasons why the music retreated from the intensity of Little Richard to the conservatism of Connie Francis—the deaths […]

  • Black Market III: Past, Present, and Future

    Damn! I’m inspired! I’m impressed! I’m floored! I’m blown away! And I’m incredibly proud of my and Alicia’s dear friends, guitar virtuoso extraordinaire Scottie Blinn and sister Roxanne Coverdale! I first met Scottie sometime around 1990. My band at the time, the Juke Stompers, was playing at Croce’s Top Hat in the Gaslamp every Thursday […]

  • JOHN BATDORF: Last Summer

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    Soft rock specialist John Batdorf can only be described as prolific. Since 1970, he has released numerous albums as a solo (his website offers a deal on seven of them packaged together), and as part of musical partnerships with Mark Rodney, Michael McLean, and James Lee Stanley. He has done numerous studio appearances (when Adele […]