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  • How Did You Get Here?

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    Recently, a friend asked me a question that took a bit of time to find the correct answer to. The question was: how did you get here? How did you make the journey to be a concert photographer? Thinking on that, I found that the answer actually might be more revealed in the question of […]

  • Aging Rockers and Fixed Incomes

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    I’m 63 now and like many of my fellow boomers, grew up during a landmark time in music. In 1967 when I was 12, my parents uprooted me from my urban, big city life and friends in Chicago, and we moved into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Chula Vista. Important life lessons went from “snitches […]

  • July 2018 Calendar

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  • T-Racks 5: Mastering, Mixing, and More

    I have been a user of IK Multimedia’s T-RackS digital mastering software since it was first introduced in the early 2000s and I have always absolutely loved this program. From the start, the product’s mission was to impart the sweet, warm characteristics of analog audio components to the often bitter cold of digital recordings. Through […]

  • The Local Coffeehouse Scene Back in the Day

    Like many kids who grew up during the ‘50s, I guess I was attracted to (among other things) the Beat Movement. I read the books and fantasized about being “on the road” and even later did some of that, but first I had to check out the coffeehouse scene. It was 1957 (and I was […]

  • ANNIE RETTIC: Heartstrings

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    Annie Rettic is a local singer/songwriter who plays several instruments (including five-string viola and mountain dulcimer), and her new CD Heartstrings is quite unusual. It is collects some Rettic originals, another original by local singer Sweet Joyce Ann, and a cover of a standard. Then, Rettic opens up what is already a group of quite […]

  • SMITTY & JULIJA: Made in Ojai

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    Soulful, soul searching, soul bearing, soul matching, all terms to describe the singer-songwriters who write tunes less as candidates for hard rotation on radio or various streaming services and more like updates on the status of their psyches. Much of it is endearing and attractive, depending on the melodic craft and canny poetics of the […]

  • Bluegrass Day at the Fair

    Great weather, great music, great times. The San Diego Bluegrass Society (SDBS) and the North San Diego County Bluegrass and Folk Club (NCBFC) have been presenting the annual Bluegrass Day at the Del Mar Fair for the past several decades. This year’s event was held on the beautiful Paddock Stage on Sunday, June 10, from […]


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    Alicia Previn has quite a back story. The daughter of a knight who has conducted major symphony orchestras, including the London Symphony (Andre Previn KBE) and American jazz singer Betty Bennett, who sang for Benny Goodman. She trained on violin as a child, and later was a member of several bands in the ‘70s; by […]