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  • SUE PALMER: Gems, Volume One

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    San Diego’s Sue Palmer is a pianist known to the world as the Queen of Boogie Woogie, and throughout the 20 selections on her dealer’s choice anthology, Gems Volume One, we find the sobriquet is hers alone to wear. A constant and vital presence on the local music scene for 30 years plus, Palmer’s energized […]

  • Country Rockin’ with the Rebels

    Mike Head sits in his Cabeza Records music studio in San Carlos, discussing his band, the Country Rockin’ Rebels. “We’re not re-inventing the wheel here,” he says. “In music a lot of the time, that’s the case too.” They are in the gradual process of recording their third full-length CD, with the working title Little […]

  • …and bring your guitar.

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    Hello Troubadourians! It’s summertime! That means you might asked to bring your guitar or other instrument to a party that isn’t in someone’s home. The beach is especially popular and a very dangerous place for your instrument. So is the trunk of your car. It is possible, under certain circumstances, for the interior of a […]

  • JEFFREY JOE: Don’t Get to Know Me

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    Mortality is a bitch. Not only is our time on this planet far too fleeting, attachments get formed (if you’re lucky), and when those bonds are broken by the inevitable, it can be a tremendous strain on the heart. For those who knew Jeffrey Joe Morin before his untimely passing on 07.17.17, his second compact […]

  • Steve Denyes: Rock Star of the Preschool Set

    Steve Denyes’ biggest fans are small. Probably the smallest folks around. They are preschoolers, kindergarteners, and lots of other people with baby teeth and scraped knees. Denyes is the front man, the singer with the guitar, and one half of Hullabaloo, which has, over the last 14 years, been noted for being one of the […]

  • Jim Soldi & Rick Sprahawk: Low Brows Taking the High Road–Maximum Fun with Picus Maximus

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    Intellectuals and resort towns make for uneasy bedfellows. Because, who wants to actually think when you’re on a work furlough? That’s a fine mindset for a week or two out of the year, but what do you do when you actually live in vacation village 24/7? Do you adopt a slacker mentality 365 days a […]

  • Blind Boys of Alabama Leader Clarence Fountain Passes

    “He woke me up early this mornin’. And I was clothed in my right mind. And the blood was still runnin’ warm in my veins. Yet somebody out there is too mean to say thank you Jesus, for another day’s journey.” That was the way Blind Boys of Alabama’s Clarence Fountain used to introduce “Look […]

  • Local Musicians to Honor Jeffrey Joe with Tribute Concert and CD Release

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Jeffrey Joe passed away. However, the spirit of the man who radiated love and music and made us all laugh lives on in each of us. We all have our stories to share… and so we have… One of the things his friends enjoyed was […]

  • The Two Faces of God

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    Let’s talk about God. It isn’t going to be easy. Is there any more charged word in all of the English language? It seems that any conversation about God gets immediately bogged down. So before we begin, some simple housekeeping is in order. What do we even mean by the word “God?” As passionate, partisan […]