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  • ROB THORSEN: Bass Is the Space

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    Rob Thorsen is a fine musician, one of a small handful of San Diego’s top bassists. He excels at the basics, having a great sound and a great sense of time. Most apparent is his ability to establish the groundwork of a tune and at the same time, working with the other musicians, developing the […]

  • Brick 15: A New Acoustic Venue Comes to North County

    If you like top quality acoustic music with something to say, singer-songwriter material, bluegrass, Celtic music, and the like, and if you can get comfortable in an inviting venue with great sound, snacks, and a top-notch coffee bar, then you’ll like the new venue Brick 15, which just opened at the corner of Camino Del […]


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    Allison Adams Tucker has assembled a cache of great songs, as well as a roster of stellar musicians, to create a truly exceptional recording. Her latest release, WANDERlust, fulfills all the requirements of a CD that I’ll play again and again: verve, liveliness, and variety. Tucker is a marvelous singer. A soprano, her voice is […]

  • JON KANIS: Fundamentalism Is the Only Way

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    In the “modern age” rock music–since the classic rock era–has grown weary with derivative trends toward electro-pop-dance-negativism that carries no memory of the past or the history that made rock ‘n’ roll great; San Diego Troubadour’s own Jon Kanis’ recent release of new and archival material, Fundamentalism Is the Only Way, is a clear-eyed example […]

  • Mary Chapin Carpenter’s New Release Shows What She Is Made of

    Mary Chapin Carpenter is a rare artist in the fickle and too-often pre-packaged world of popular music. She is a successful songwriter who never set out to write hit songs. But, she did. Early on she was ear-marked for the country music market place. She did remarkably well, scoring a multiple platinum hit album during […]

  • A Drop of Ink

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    When you put a drop of ink in a clear glass of water, the whole glass goes dark. When you put a drop of ink in the ocean, nothing happens. A tiny dot of darkness is no match for the immensity of the sea. So, too, the smallest slight can darken our whole world. Does […]

  • The Things We Do for Love

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    Hello Troubadourians! Why do you play music? Why did you choose the instrument you play? What need in your life does playing music fill? Do you ever stop to ask yourself these questions? I do. Every day I ask myself those questions and more. I do it to remind myself of the joy that playing […]

  • David Wilcox Blazes New Trails on Latest Album

    As singer-songwriter David Wilcox’s most recent album, Blaze, opens with the song, “Oil Talkin’ to Ya” something real and magical happens. It’s as if an invisible hand reaches out to the listener through the haze and fog of today’s crazy media dependency and says, “Come on out and play!” In the song, “Oil” represents the […]