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  • DOUG ROBINSON: Solo/Piano

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    As I heard the first strains of “Tu y Yo No Más,” the first selection on Doug Robinson’s Solo/Piano, this pleasant music had me guessing that this disk would be some sort of new age sampler. I expected to hear something along the lines of George Winston’s impressionistic ramblings. I thought that after about eight […]

  • BESTON BARNETT: At the Sligo Fair

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    I passed a little further on and heard a lotus talk Who made the world and ruleth it, He hangeth on a stalk, For I am in His image made, and all this tinkling tide Is but a sliding drop of rain between His petals wide. “The Indian Upon God” by William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) […]

  • The Best Damn Blues Singer in Memphis!

    FRANK STOKES was born on the first day of 1888 in the little railroad siding town of Whitehaven, which is south of Memphis and not far from the Mississippi border. Memphis was to be the focus of much of his life, but he had strong links to Mississippi where he was raised by a man […]

  • TOM BROSSEAU: Grass Punks

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    It’s been an exceptionally nasty winter for our brothers and sisters out in the Heartland. On the positive side, this means more meditative walks in the snow or quality time in front of warm fireplace. The long Midwestern winters have allowed unique personalities to develop: there’s the re-inventor (Robert Zimmerman of Hibbing, Minnesota! Meet Dylan […]

  • Good Enough

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    Striving for excellence is all well and good, but the fact remains — most days we’re lucky just to make it through without burning down the house. Somehow in our culture the expectation has taken shape that every experience must be a peak experience, every moment an amazing moment, and every effort a stroke of […]

  • Pete Seeger: Precious Friend

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    Just when I thought all was lost You changed my mind You gave me hope Not just the old soft soap You showed that we could learn to share in time (You and me and Rockefeller) I’ll keep plugging on Your face will shine Through all our tears And when we sing another little victory […]

  • Zowie! Zany! Zesty! The Zzymzzy Quartet Knows How to Swing!

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    The early weeks of 2014 in San Diego produced extraordinarily warm weather, resembling more the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream than Simon and Garfunkel’s “A Hazy Shade of Winter.” Such balmy nights can energize the populace, and a Friday night in the busy street of University Avenue in North Park is no exception. A recent […]

  • CHRISTINE PARKER: Looking Glass

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    Fallbrook native Christine Parker’s debut CD, Looking Glass, features a solid lineup of local session musicians in support of her finely crafted songs and melodious vocals. Looking Glass contains 11 songs, ten of which she wrote. Parker is backed by two members of the Eve Selis Band, Marc Intravaia (guitar) and Rick Nash (bass); string […]

  • Paying Tribute to an Old Friend

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    On the sixteenth of this month, the first Steve White Music and Art Festival will celebrate the memory of this singer/songwriter. To be held at Encinitas’s Seaside Bazaar, the plans for the festival include a full day of music, the participation of artists, and the world premier of a documentary that explores the life, music, […]