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  • A Box Full of Rocks Film Review

    If there’s a list of rock journalists who deserve a big budget bio pic, a) it’s a short list and b) Lester Bangs has to be one of the top three choices. He’s already been portrayed in film as a minor character in the cult classic Almost Famous, but Box Full of Rocks isn’t big […]

  • Croce’s Settles into New Park West Digs

    There were a lot of things that Ingrid Croce didn’t know when she and husband Jim Rock began looking around their Park West neighborhood for a restaurant location a few years ago. They didn’t know they’d lose the legendary Croce’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar in the Gaslamp Quarter. They didn’t know they’d be moving to […]

  • It’s Only Words

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    By the time this is published I will have passed the six-month mark in my “Just Get High on Life” experiment, which was first strongly recommended to me by some very concerned members of the medical community early last September. I had quit the mood-altering drugs tobacco and alcohol cold turkey two days before winding […]

  • I Sing the (Solid) Body Electric

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    Hello Troubadourians! You didn’t think that I’d paraphrase Walt Whitman last month and then not do it again this month, did you? It was too easy of a setup not to go there. As promised, I’m going to begin the discussion of the fundamentals of getting the most out of an electric guitar. I have […]

  • INDIAN JOE: Red Rock

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    Playing boogie-rock guitar is fun, and it is a mistake to take it too seriously. Strapping on a Strat or a Les Paul, turning up the knobs while attacking the strings in a primal expression of freedom is a uniquely joyful experience, and it really comes through as such on Indian Joe’s Red Rock. Joe […]

  • Joshua White Moves Forward

    San Diego has always had a vibrant jazz scene, at least since the late 1950s when the likes of John Guerin, Don Sleet, and Mike Wofford first began performing in area clubs. That said, the past decade or so in particular has seen a wave of great new talent emerge and bring an international spotlight […]

  • The Banjo: A New Day for an Old Instrument

    One of the great musical treasures here in San Diego is the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) headquarters in Carlsbad. NAMM, as you may be aware, holds its annual NAMM show at the Convention Center in Anaheim, each January and it is one HUGE big deal. You may not know, however, that NAMM also […]

  • NAMM the Torpedoes!

    It was a rocky start. Well, not initially. I’d made arrangements to stay with friends that lived in Dana Point (about 30 miles away from Anaheim), so that I could commute for the three days that I was scheduled to visit and cover the 2014 Winter NAMM Show. Things started promisingly enough with a solid […]

  • David Bromberg: His Unsung Treasure of Hope and Faith

    “The reason man created stringed instruments: David touched them with a lover’s fingers and they moaned that true love right back at him. Wood and wire and flesh spoke.” –Jerry Jeff Walker Every American artist worth their salt has a story to tell. Many from our musical heritage have left us in flames of self-destruction. […]