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April 2024
Vol. 23, No. 7


Polish Avant-Garde Band to Perform Local House Concert

September 2013

The Janusz Prusinowski Trio (Direct From Poland) are playing a very special & intimate House Concert complete with folk dancing and three (3) performance sets, at an exotic location in Rancho Santa Fe on Saturday, October 5th, from 7PM-11PM. Admission donation is $20 cash at the door.

The Janusz Prusinowski Trio is a group of musicians who follow in traditions of village masters they have learned from…but they are also an avant-garde band with their own characteristic sound and language of improvisation. They combine music with dance and the archaic with the modern.

While the band is actually a quintet on this tour, they always call themselves a Trio in reference to the three-beat meter on which so much of their music is based. Last year, the Trio was officially selected as one of only 32 performers from more than 1,200 artist submissions to perform in the main showcase of the highly acclaimed WOMEX world music festival in Greece.

The House Concert Is Co-Sponsored By Craig S. Hyman/Numinous Music & Productions, The Center for World Music, The Folk Dance Center & The Polish Cultural Institute New York.

To attend, An RSVP email Is REQUIRED, listing the names of all people in your party (for the door list) plus one cell phone number, sent to Craig S. Hyman at You will then receive an email containing the address, parking and driving directions to the House Concert, plus bar and food details.

For More Information, Music & Video:

** San Diego House Concert Facebook Event Page -

* Soundcloud (Music & Video) -

* U.S. 2013 Tour Facebook Event Page -

* Official Band Website —

“What struck me right away about this music was its amazing ability to mix the feel and power of village dance music with the personal contemporary sensibilities of the players…The addition of wind and brass to the Trio’s sound really pushes their music into another realm. Listen to the music about three minutes in and hear the amazing resemblance to some of those classic jazz improv tracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s.” – Michal Shapiro, Huffington Post, on Prusinowski Trio’s WOMEX performance

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