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February 2023
Vol. 22, No. 5


5 Things You Might Not Know About Kenny Eng

December 2012

Our latest “5 Things” entry features local singer-songwriter Kenny Eng!

5 Things You May Not Know About… Kenny Eng

image credit: Courtney Weldon

1. I had two near death experiences at the end of 2011. It was a rough way to end a year. But I’ve learned a lot since then about life and how to live.

2. I’m partially colorblind and often confuse blue and purple (among other colors). I had a purple bike for a long time and never knew why the other 3rd graders kept teasing me about it. Then I stopped caring and rode it around when I went to college (yeah, I couldn’t believe I could still ride it after 10 years either).

3. Even though I love playing bluesy/classic rock/songwriter-style music now, I didn’t start listening to that kind of music until I was 17. I didn’t even know who Jimi Hendrix was until I was in college. Eric Clapton was my only real tie to that world and it was because his song “Change the World” was always in competition with “Amish Paradise” on the Disney radio station I listened to. Seriously.

4. I broke my left arm on my 16th birthday in Judo competition. I ended up placing third still and it was around that time when I started becoming more interested in music as a hobby, since I couldn’t really do martial arts for a bit. Some of my earliest memories of myself playing guitar were trying to play chords with an arm cast on.

5. I still sleep with a teddy bear I got from my dad shortly after I was born. His name is Bear Bear, because I lacked the ability to name things as a child. My pet rabbit was named Mr. Rabbit.

Find out more about Kenny Eng by visiting his website or purchase his music here!

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