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  • David Cassidy in San Diego

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    David Cassidy, who passed away on November 21, spent a bit of time in San Diego, but it wasn’t always for music. In addition to his more familiar show biz life, Cassidy was a respected horse owner/breeder who could often be found at the Del Mar Racetrack. With so much film, TV, and stage work, […]

  • Frank Stokes

    There was a Memphis area blues singer, one of my favorites, in the ’20s and ’30s, named Frank Stokes, who was one hell of a guitar picker and an exciting and original vocalist. He made several records on his own and worked with another guitarist named Dan Sane in a duet that they called the […]

  • Top Ten San Diego Jazz Concerts in 2017

    Jazz is an inherently “live” medium. Despite the plethora of wonderful recordings that document its evolution, nothing compares to seeing jazz musicians creating in the moment, right before your eyes and ears. That’s where the magic happens. This is my recollection of the finest concerts of the past year. As a caveat, I must admit […]

  • Joel Martin’s Pedal Steel Party

    It’s an early afternoon at Nate’s Garden Grill. The aroma of burgers and brats on the grill wafts over the outdoor tables, as the sun peeks through the latticed shade structure, dappling the benches and chairs. It’s Sunday, and some of the folks sit about in their church-going finest. On stage is a young singer. […]

  • The New Hedonism

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    Like anyone else, I’ve spent a lot of time chasing pleasure. Whether it was food or other substances, I’ve done my share. And then some. And like anyone else, it’s often bitten me in the ass. The very thing I thought would do me good turned around and did me bad. Turns out, managing pleasure […]

  • J. OTIS WILLIAMS: Sharp Dressed Jazz Man Keeps It Real

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    “Coming at you in a grand fashion, and being heard all over the world at Jazz 88 —dot-org I’m J. Otis Williams.” Chances are, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to John Otis Williams, that voice is instantly recognizable and ultimately unforgettable. Raspy and relaxed, “jazz” is not a single syllable word in […]

  • JACK TEMPCHIN: Peaceful Easy Feeling: The Songs of Jack Tempchin

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    The last time I caught up with Jack Tempchin, he was going solo, leaving the band at home to explore the singer-songwriter inside the singer-songwriter. Now Jack is back with his band and a bunch of great musicians. This is his third album for Blue Elan Records. “After two albums of original music, they wanted […]


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    Yael Gmach and Vlady Yarovinsky, a North County duo performing and recording under the rubric Big Boss Bubeleh, are a flavor quite apart from what one would expect from local original music. Avoiding the obvious choices of styles, flavors, and stances that local original artists might assume, these two dig into the roots music they […]

  • LENNY BRUCE: Word Blower Supremo (and the brother that you never had)

    Greetings, my fellow Americans. ‘Tis the season to practice gratitude and to remember that every age is the same; only love makes any of them bearable. I am grateful for so many things in this life–choosing to meditate and focus upon that which is truly important, cognizant of the fact that consciousness is the author […]