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  • The Spring Harp Festival Blows into La Mesa on Saturday, March 26

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    Budd Willis and Harmonica John Frazer have put together another monster lineup for the 17th Annual Spring Harp Fest. Staged once again on the natural grass of Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa it’s a full day of headliners. This year the program showcases artist, composer, and producer Lee Oskar, the Grammy-nominated and BMA-winning James […]

  • James Lee Stanley’s Search for Timelessness

    He’s billed as a “freelance human being,” a singer-songwriter in the midst of his fifth decade as a performer. He is as active in 2016 as he was in 1970. Southern California roots musician James Lee Stanley’s music has appeared on 28 albums, and the singer/guitarist has shared stage and studio with many top artists. […]

  • Patty Griffin Calls on You to Use Your Voice

    Patty Griffin is on a mission. It is not personal–in fact, it’s public. Actually, she has been on a mission since she first arrived on the music scene in 1996. But, today, she is reaching out beyond her folk, country, and gospel roots into civic and political action. But, it’s not a call to be […]

  • State of the Art

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    For as long as I can remember, I have refused to attend the Grammy Award Ceremonies and will continue to boycott them until the day comes when they nominate me for something. Until that time, they are nothing to me but a yearly television program that brings me up to date on what’s going on […]

  • March 2016 Calendar

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  • Railroad Boomers

    I promised more tales from Harry McClintock’s articles from the old 1930’s Railroad magazine this time around and what’s coming up. Mac was an old time IWW man who played on the streets of Seattle bucking with Joe Hill, T Bone Slim, and others. He led a career that ranged from involvement with the Boxer […]

  • The Freedom of Work

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    One of the prevailing narratives in pop culture is that work is for suckers. We wallow in fantasies of winning the lottery, picking the right stock, or striking it rich when our tech start-up gets grabbed by Google. We wish we were sitting on a beach somewhere with our toes in the sand and a […]

  • El NAMMio

    This month will probably be forever remembered by me as the Summer of the Winter of 2016. To think that a year ago I was surrounded by the virgin-white purity of Utah’s decidedly chilly snowdrifts is almost unimaginable. Here I sit barefoot, doors and windows open whilst San Diego’s ions and ozone breathe cleansing breezes […]

  • THE SHOW PONIES: We’re Not Lost

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    For those that like their bluegrass with plenty of energy and flair, the Show Ponies are a good option, but they are more than that. The LA band has infused their independent sound with a broad range of acoustic flavors–including barn-burning jamboree of hill music, quirky country shuffles, and softly focused folk song with rich […]