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  • Thanksgiving Playlist

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    Thanksgiving week is a great time to reflect on all the things we are grateful for, and music is always makes the top of my list. Here are my top 5 “thankful” tunes to add to your Thanksgiving playlist for tomorrow. (Don’t worry, there’s a heartbreaker in the mix just because life isn’t always rainbows […]

  • Poway Center for the Performing Arts: “The Last Waltz” Recap

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    November 16th’s sold out performance of “The Last Waltz,” featuring Berkley Hart, Back to the Garden, and a swarm of the finest musicians in town, was a huge success! This event took place at the beautiful Poway Center for the Performing Arts, and followed last year’s sold out Berkley Hart production, “O Berkley, Where Hart […]

  • Listen Local Cooks Vol. 2 Release Party this Friday

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    Musical do-gooder Cathryn Beeks has been working hard in preparation for the digital release of her music compilation/cookbook called “Listen Local Cooks Vol. 2” on November 15th at The Go Lounge in La Mesa. The 75 page cookbook includes art, photos, poems and stories from friends of the San Diego music community. It will be […]

  • Music Discovery: Nashville

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    Nashville has long been a destination on my list of places to vacation or gig, even more so now that the city has managed to poach some of San Diego’s best musicians in recent years. I’m talking to you, Megan Carchman, Bill Coomes and Mike Spurgat. But until I can find the time and afford […]

  • FYI November 2013

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    This month FYI reviews a few recent releases that have come across our desk The Cherry Bluestorms — Bad Penny Opera (Roundhouse) Thirteen tracks, opening with the killer instrumental “Bad Penny Opera,” sort of a cross between Deodato, Spencer Davis, and the Who’s Tommy, Ken Russell edition. Garage/Psyche fans will love it — I can […]

  • Clutter

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    Hello Troubadourians! What do you love? Is your list long or short? I’ve had to think about that a lot lately. After 15 years in our big old house, my family and I are moving to a smaller home. Too much house, too much equity, too much stuff. Too much clutter. Ah yes, clutter. Moving […]

  • Dan Crary Thunders into Town

    Dan Crary may not be a household name to many folks today. That is, unless you’re a bluegrass fan or a student of acoustic guitar. Then, hearing his name conjures up the sound of some of the most eloquent and well-executed flat-picking on acoustic guitar imaginable. Beyond that, Crary is among one of the few […]

  • Off My Rocker: Some “Weiss” Words from a Rock Survivor

    Kenny Weissberg began to march to the beat of a different (rock ‘n’ roll) drummer during his time in Madison, Wisconsin during the 1960s. The University of Wisconsin — along with the University of California at Berkeley — were the measurable seismic centers for student unrest during the turbulent decade. The oldest child in a […]

  • Bending and Neiling

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    Wild horses couldn’t drag a non-Monkees Neil Diamond song out of my throat. Tie five frothing stallions to my limbs and I’d fall to pieces, resisting a command performance of “Song Sung Blue” or “Longfellow Serenade,” “Coming to America” or “So Good So Good” (formerly “Sweet Caroline”). To me, Diamond’s great talent with melody is […]