5 Things You Might Not Know About Josh Damigo

You may know him as one of the hardest working musicians in San Diego. You may know that he just released a new album called “Hope” produced by Jeff Berkley at Berkley Sound. But did you know these 5 things about Josh Damigo?

5 Things You May Not Know About… Josh Damigo

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1.) I know all of the presidents in order. You don’t believe me? Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe….

2.) I have a purple teddy bear tattoo on my arm.

3.) I was a college athlete. (Soccer at San Diego Christian College)

4.) I have two brothers and two sisters. (Tiffany, Natalie, Nathan, Tice)

5.) I played trumpet in jr. high, and then got braces, so my band director moved me to tuba. I’m a better tuba player than a guitar player.

Josh’s new album is available for download on iTunes. Find out more about Josh at

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