CD Reviews

Barbara Nesbitt

Right as Rain

The latest CD from Barbara Nesbitt, her fourth, is Right as Rain. Originally from Georgia, she came to San Diego over a decade ago, winning country-roots fans with her original songs, on albums like her debut, A Million Stories. She has shown the ability to write and perform material that covers lots of country bases—from […]

Andy Robinson


Andy Robinson has been part of the local scene for decades (he was in Horsefeathers, whose lead singer was in this writer’s high school class 50 years ago; his other bands have included Different World, Questionaires, and the Andy Robinson Band). He is a veteran of just about all styles of music with a discography […]

Todd E Nicol

Late Some Nights

Todd E Nicol is a local singer/songwriter whose new CD is Late Some Nights. Nicol has been playing local haunts like Java Joes, and he has released a previous album of his original country-inspired folk tunes, The Big Spill. While that disc was very uneven, the bare-bones recording of observational and personal songs had an […]

Action Andy & the Hi-Tones

Songs 4 Swingin’ Sinners

Ever since 1955, there’ve been a hundred thousand analytic inquires into the significance of rock ‘n’ roll. Sociologists do their darndest to deconstruct the phenom, but I highly suspect that its main purpose in our culture is to reflect and inspire unabashed/uninhibited joy for its initiates. Isn’t that what got the “squares” so uptight during […]

Ken Lehnig

Holding a Rose

Holding a Rose is the new album by Ken Lehnig. Releasing music on his own or as front man for the Burning Sage Band for many years, he has previously been heard from with his solo CD, 2014’s The American Music Show. That disc and this one share a roster of top-shelf local players in […]

Griffin House

So On and So Forth

Maybe not since the Ohio Players, Slave and Zapp were making Dayton a veritable “Detroit south” of epic ’70s and ’80s power funk has southern Ohio been such a hub of top-flight pop music. While Cincinnati-based Dawg Yawp’s debut sits atop many critic’s “best of 2016” lists, Springfield, Ohio’s Griffin House is back with his […]


To the Dancing Ground

Crooked is an acoustic quartet that plays music best described as a hybrid of bluegrass, folk, Irish, and what might be called jug band without the jug. The band features Anna Levitt on fiddle; Michael Nieman on banjo, harp, and percussion (bones and bodhran); Chad Pittman on upright bass; and Nick Montemarano on tenor banjo, […]

Debora Galán

All About Love

It’s 1985. You turn on the radio. You tune the dial up and down, searching for something new, when you chance across a deep, subdued—it is almost a whisper—male voice. You hesitate to turn the dial. There is something oddly inviting about the mostly incomplete sentences of the man who sounds like he just recently […]

Son of Radul

Insomnia Party Feathers

Marcelo Radulovich is a Carlsbad experimental musician who has been active since the ‘90s as a solo act, and in collaborations with other electronica and avant-garde music artists. He has released music in both English and Spanish, though with his music the overall sound takes precedent over any lyrical message, for the most part. The […]