CD Reviews

Anyone who hasn’t yet familiarized themselves with the rumbling rhythm and sway of pianist Sue Palmer and her Motel Swing Orchestra, you need to do two things. First, kick yourselves for not yet getting in the groove with his keyboard mistress’ magistral sense of the galvanizing groove. Seriously, the music is that good. Second, get […]

Yes, guitarist/vocalist Christian Del Priore is alive and well as documented on his debut self-produced and home recorded CD, I’m Alive. With the aid of the digital audio workstation GarageBand, and the smooth mastering work of John Volanski, Del Priore breezes through eight original tracks and one cover, an overall pleasing mix of pop-flavored tunes, […]

Since the time of the Beatles, the guitar has become the choice instrument for the Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Zers, and all the other Gens in between or thereafter. From Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix to St. Vincent and Josh Turner, the guitar has been constantly reconsidered and reimagined and enjoyed an unusually long […]

Pianists hammer away at their keyboards, and guitarists strum away on their six strings. Other musicians blow their horns; beat out rhythms on drums; or bow their violins, violas, and celli. For each of them, no matter the chosen instrument, the notes coming out of the horn, xylophone, or bagpipe have to convey the meaning […]

Jake Kershaw

Jake Kershaw, remember the name. The self-titled debut album from this 21-year-old guitarist and singer/songwriter will knock your socks off. Kershaw, who hails from Albion, Michigan, is not only a dynamic electric guitarist, but also a super soulful singer, a combination that usually elevates a musical artist to top billing. Three years in the making, […]

Steve Poltz

Stardust and Satellites

It’s hard to believe Steve Poltz is now 62. He still sits in the mind of the young, 30-something smart-aleck leading the Rugburns at Winston’s in O.B. But here we are, 30-plus years on, with his 15th (or 16h, or 17th, depending on how you’re counting them) solo album, in addition to his Rugburns stuff […]

Juan Carlos Quintero

Table for Five!

Jazz guitarist Juan Carlos Quintero has released nearly a dozen albums since 1990. Table For Five! is his latest effort, featuring a solid quartet along for the ride, including Eddie Resto, bass; Joe Rotondi, piano; Aaron Serfaty, drums; and Joey DeLeon, percussion. Recorded and mixed deftly by Talley Sherwood at Tritone Studios in Glendale, California, […]

Slack Key 'Ohana

In my most mad scientist imaginings, I picture myself in possession of a time machine, one that not only allows me to traverse the ages but one that lets me finagle with the particulars of history. Not the big things, like the birth of Jesus or the fall of the Roman Empire, just some of […]

Lindy and the Hops

Kicking and Screaming

Tom Dorsey had it. His brother Jimmy had it as well. Count Basie and Duke Ellington had it in spades. For that matter, even Fred Warring had some of it when he presided over his Pennsylvanians. What I’m talking about is the ability of a bandleader to gather together talented musicians and get them to […]