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  • Jack Williams: An American Treasure

    His songs are like fine, passionately crafted woodwork, finished to perfection. They shine and reflect the images and characters within. His absolute love and gratitude for the music he’s been gifted with bursts from every note he plays and sings. His guitar ability is as good as it gets. Peter Yarrow called him “the best […]

  • Video Archivist on the Move: Steve Laub

    Technology being what it is, it’s no surprise these days to see someone filming a concert, no matter the size of the production. That said, it takes know-how and a true love of music to capture a performance just right. While there are a few people in town who have taped their fair share of […]

  • Charlie Loach - Ask Charlie...

    Do These Strings Make My Guitar Look Fat?

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    Hello Troubadourians! For the past two months we’ve been talking about “ideal” guitars. I’ve shared information about the terminology of guitar necks and what we guitarists can expect our instruments to feel like; I also shared some of my thoughts about how to determine and describe what that elusive “feel” is. Then we explored some […]

  • Sven-Erik Seaholm - Zen of Recording

    Making the Album: Monarchs

    Many of you may already know that in addition to my studio exploits as a record producer, I am also a performing singer/songwriter. Alongside my partner Brooke Mackintosh, we’ve been writing and performing together for the last three years as an acoustic duo called Seaholm Mackintosh. Because many of you may be considering recording a […]

  • Cliff Keller: Music Community Activist Stands Out

    Abundant positive energy is what first drew me to Cliff Keller over two years ago. I was busy wallowing in my own personal despair when my friend and fellow songwriter Nick Z swooped me up one Sunday and escorted me to Encinitas for a revitalizing field trip to the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple, Lou’s Records, and […]

  • CHRIS HASSETT: This I Promise You

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    From that first hard crush to the ins and outs of romantic relationships and commitments, the theme of love serves as the inspiration for This I Promise You, the latest release from Chris Hassett, a local San Diego singer deserving of far greater recognition. It’s only recently that I’ve become familiar with Hassett and his […]

  • THE LOVEBIRDS: Nutsy Pants

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    Inventive and unconventional songwriters Lindsay White and Veronica May are The Lovebirds, a San Diego-based vocal duo releasing a winning debut CD called Nutsy Pants. If you’re over 50, think Simon and Garfunkel with a sense of humor. If you’re under 50, think Nora Jones, multiply by two and add substance. Produced, recorded, and mixed […]

  • Euphoria Brass Band: Puttin’ Out the Fat and Sassy Sound

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    In his landmark documentary series of the ’70s, America, British journalist Alistair Cooke made the astute observation that had Thomas Jefferson not sold the French on his savvy real estate transaction called the Louisiana Purchase, New Orleans — not Washington D.C. — might had become the national capital of this continent. And for those who […]