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May 2024
Vol. 23, No. 8


San Diego Songwriters, Part 3: Dave Howard

by Bart MendozaJanuary 2012

It’s a rare thing to have a song covered, the ultimate compliment from another performer.

Interestingly, though there are more musicians then ever, only a handful of artists currently performing in San Diego would qualify for this series.

A few local performers have had one or two songs covered, but only a select handful have made songwriting for others a part of their musical focus.  Certainly amongst the most successful is Dave Howard. A serial collaborator, in addition to his own releases, he’s also co-written a slew of superb tunes, including such ‘should’ve been’ hits as Berkley Hart’s “Something to Hold On To” and A.J. Croce’s “Summer Can’t Come Too Soon.” While nothing has yet to catch the public’s ear just right, Howard’s songs are radio friendly and hook filled. It’s only a matter of time.

Dave Howard wrote what for who?
This list does not include any of the tracks recorded by Howard himself, or by his groups such as The Shamey Jays. Also, many of these songs have been included on compilation albums.

Artist Album Title Song(s)
Carolann Ames So Long Abilene Answer The Door
Berkley Hart Wreck ‘n’ Sow Helluva Highway
Berkley Hart Something To Fall Back On Something To Fall Back On, My My My
Dani Carroll Dani Carroll Rainy Morning, The Yellow Line)
Citizen Band Breaker Breaker My Heart Now You Are Gone
Jeff Clark Nashville, CA Helluva Highway
Nathan Welden Live Your Song Wish You Strength
The Coyote Problem Wire You’re So Damn Pretty
A.J. Croce Adrian James Croce Upside Down, Too Soon, Almost Angeline
A.J. Croce Transit Summer Can’t Come Too Soon, Everyman
John Katchur Friend Of The Moon Into The Wind, Pieces Of Me
Gregory Page Music For Mortals Rain And The Thunder
Sven-Erik Seaholm Upload Modern Times


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