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February 2024
Vol. 23, No. 5

CD Reviews


by Wayne RikerMay 2022

Yes, guitarist/vocalist Christian Del Priore is alive and well as documented on his debut self-produced and home recorded CD, I’m Alive. With the aid of the digital audio workstation GarageBand, and the smooth mastering work of John Volanski, Del Priore breezes through eight original tracks and one cover, an overall pleasing mix of pop-flavored tunes, concluding with two instrumentals to close the proceedings.
Reminiscent of popular singer/songwriters John Cougar Mellencamp and Van Morrison, Del Priore’s arrangements contain well-crafted vocal and instrumental hooks aided by tastefully woven harmonized guitar sections, avoiding needlessly long, drawn out guitar solos and creating a much more radio friendly format, particularly in the feel good opening track “That’s Alright” and lush chordal flow in “Nowhere Now.”
Priore flashes a bevy of guitar hot licks in the country rocker title track, “I’m Alive,” followed by the funky guitar grooves on “Who’s Gonna Love You.” Priore’s voice shines on the soulful ballad “Your Beautiful Stare” in addition to the bluesy “I’m in Love Again.”
The last four tracks take a pleasant stylistic turn with the Gospel blues flavored “I’m in Love Again,” showcasing Del Priore’s tasty double stop phrases here and throughout the album, followed by a cover version of Chicago’sSaturday in the Park.”
“Timberline,” the first of the two closing instrumentals, highlights Del Priore’s deft versatile guitar skills, amid a melodic array of Allman Brothers-like double guitar harmonies and solo sections. “Let’s Go Rag” is right in Del Priore’s wheelhouse—a skilled fingerstylist in his own right—it’s a perfect closing number, one that would have made legendary Ragtime guitarist Reverend Gary Davis proud, putting a nice bow on an exceptionally well-crafted representation of Del Priore’s eclectic writing, arranging and guitar skills.

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