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October 2022
Vol. 21, No. 13
Blue Largo CD Release - October 20, 2022

Bluegrass Corner

Barefoot Movement is Coming to Del Mar!

by Dwight WordenFebruary, 2019

This great bluegrass group out of Tennessee and the Carolinas will be making a rare appearance in San Diego on Friday, February 8th at the new Del Mar Town Hall. The concert is part of the Del Mar Foundation’s Bluegrass and Beyond series. Here’s what folks are saying about this outstanding group:

“One of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene.” –CMT Edge
“These young folks, recipient of IBMA’s 2014 Momentum Award, are firmly grounded in bluegrass, but also make tunes by Hendrix and the Beach Boys seem like part of the tradition. They are magical.” –No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music

“The Barefoot Movement delivers powerful, heart-rending, butt-klcking inoculation against lifelessness in any of its forms. I would travel a thousand miles to hear them again and I urge music lovers of all strips to join me.” –Chuck Plotkin, producer (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan)

Friday, February 8, 7:30pm (Doors: 7pm)
Del Mar Town Hall
1050 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar
Plenty of free parking!
Tickets: bluegrass

Great 48 Was a Great Time!
Every year in January the California Bluegrass Association hosts the “Great 48” jam session in Bakersfield. It brings together bluegrass jammers, performers, vendors, and clubs from all over the western U.S. for one intense weekend of workshops, jamming, and concerts. San Diego is represented by the San Diego Bluegrass Society (SDBS), the North County Bluegrass and Folk Club (NCBFC) and their Summergrass festival, all three of which jointly sponsor a suite and showcase bands. Jim Blakemore serves as host and, as always, did a great job this year.

This is a great chance for San Diegans to meet like-minded folks from other clubs and regions, to learn and share all things bluegrass and to participate in some of the best jamming experiences anywhere. This year included a strong attendance by the younger generation, demonstrating highly talented chops and showing great skill both on vocals and instrumentation. If you’ve never been to the Great 48, give it a go next year; it’s not that far a drive from San Diego and well worth the visit. Admission is free to everything but the featured Friday night concert.

Support Bluegrass in San Diego
If you are a bluegrass music lover, consider joining SDBS or NCBFC to show your support. It’s only $20 per year for the whole family to join each organization, or $40 to join both. You will receive a newsletter from each group, along with discounts and other benefits of membership. Most important, you will be helping keep bluegrass music and bluegrass events alive in San Diego. SDBS and NCBFC are each qualified non-profit organizations, run by volunteers, so you can know that your hard-earned funds go directly into bluegrass programs. Without these organizations and your support, we would not have the Summergrass Festival, bluegrass camp-outs, traveling band concerts, bluegrass events every Tuesday, and so much more that we take for granted. Do your part and join on-line via PayPal or credit card, or by old-fashioned check, today!

Join SDBS:

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